Mark Halperin mostly gets it wrong

You know who I’m really tired of? I’m tired of Mark Halperin, who writes an (often wrong) column at Time magazine, appears every 20 or so minutes on MSNBC (where his contract apparently requires that he be introduced as ‘MSNBC senior political analyst’), on NBC when they need to fill up the panel table, on FOX News and recently – dear Elvis –  even on PBS.

He’s kind of like those titans of the financial industry – getting it wrong pays pretty frackin’ well.

8 responses to “Mark Halperin mostly gets it wrong

  1. I agree with you, Moe, although I have to admit that “Game Change” was a fantastic book, well written and full of good reporting. Maybe John Heilemann was mostly responsible for that!


  2. Funny – I just don’t quite get the guy. Where he stands politically, or his style. He had this sad “President was a d*ck” comment, but otherwise he’s just wierdly shut and likes not to agree w others or something.
    But he also seems smart at times.
    A mixed bag – but not in an interesting way.


    • My opinion is that he just hasn’t earned, by his work, such a visible place at the table. He was a BMOC before the Game Change book, so that wasn’t it.


  3. But what has he done today to incur your wrath?


  4. It’s the look…..


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