Maybe they could do a warm up round before the next debate?

It devolves further: Now eating their own as Michelle Malkin calls Ann Coulter delusional. Wheeeeee!

Coulter is under the continued delusion that Sarah Palin was the problem with the 2008 ticket and not McCain. Later in the show, when Van Jones floated former Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rices name for VP, Coulter snorted again: “Too much like Palin.”

Say what?

Like her love object Chris Christie, Coulter has been taking many open shots at Palin lately.

8 responses to “Maybe they could do a warm up round before the next debate?

  1. Ann Coulter is more than annoying.


  2. Coulter is a pain in the butt. go on…


  3. Anne is Anne. She makes her money doing this; always take that into account.

    Frankly, she’s quite nice in person – deplorable taste in coffee though – and doesn’t seem to be a “true believer.” Take that however you want. For me it caused a loss of respect for her professionally, though I still find her a useful foil.


    • I agree entirely . . . Coulter grabbed the zeitgeist and went out to make her fortune. I’m sure she had some sort of attachment at first to the descendants of perhaps WF Buckley, but after that she just became Anne Inc. She’s also an oddity – a WASP, raised within the beating heart of the Eastern liberal ‘elite’ (not to mention liberal money), far from the norm at CPAC.

      I think Malkin though is a true beleiver.

      As for your ‘take that as you want’ comment, I can only ask . . . okay, when were you guys dating?


      • We never dated. We just occasionally went for coffee when she was at headquarters, partially because our sister company’s green room’s coffee and snacks are quasi-legendary in the industry for both their lack of edibility and their paucity.

        BTW – the ‘take that as you want’ was in reference to Coulter’s personal behavior vs. her public persona not our (non) involvement.

        She’s too scrawny for my tastes anyway. I’d be afraid of paper cuts. 😆


        • Green room? OMG, jonolan, are you ‘of the media’? (You don’t have to answer that. Fessin’ up about Anne constitutes an acceptable level of personal revelation for the day.)


          • Yes, Moe. I’ve fessed up to that before, just as you’ve made very similar confessions. I spent 5 long, bloody, frustrating years working for Newscorp, specifically for Fox Television Stations (Think WTVT, WRBW, WOFL, and WOGX)

            We finally parted company last year after I told the CIO that they could either change certain practices or they’d be better off without anyone in the position I held. They chose the latter, resulting in an immediate 20-point drop in my blood pressure and a measurable drop in their personnel costs.


            • Ahhh, it’s coming back a bit – I think I told you that I lost two jobs in publishing in NYC when Murdoch bought first one company and then bought the company I had moved to. I dont think it was personal . . . in publishing in those days it was all mergers and acquiitioons, all the time, and everywere.


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