History – according to the History Channel*

* original source Graphjam.com, but I found it at Under The Mountain Bunker, which urges the reader to “Come for the Apocalypse; stay for the coffee”. Okay.

19 responses to “History – according to the History Channel*

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned the bunker blog. It’s a real treasure trove.


  2. lol – so true!


  3. By and large, I disagree with the Leftist filth who runs that site but he’s spot on when it comes to History Channel, which my family often calls the Hitler Channel pr jokingly whines, “Not the Apocalypse aaaagggaaaaaiiiiiin.”


  4. Actually, my observation is that cable channels that originally had some niece like history, science fiction, or classic movies have all become much less niece oriented in the last 5-10 years. I think it’t that it is hard for TV to compete with the ‘net in appealing to special interests. Thus the channels are reverting more back to the broadcast model – and especially focused on men. Look at the line-up for history, spike, and say A & E: they look a lot alike now. The special interest channel has gone away. Try to find really classic movies on AMC – that used to Amercian Movie Classics. Don’t get me wrong a lot of material is pretty good, I love Mad Men, but the intent is a broader audience than history buffs for exampale.


    • Also bruce, the stuff they run is just cheap as hell to put on the air. But you’re right – they’re especially going for the low end of viewers – with hoarders and fattest person alive or whatever the ell those things are.


    • AMC fell apart when the decided they had to censor the very classics that were their lifeblood and then they added commercials. If it weren’t for Mad Men there would be no reason to tune in.


      • Agreed – and it’s not even that expensive to run the old quality stuff. But I guess they saw an audience of voyeurs out there, looking for the next sneak peak,

        Of course, MSNBC undermines their own credibility with their weekend of jailbirds stuff. (Fairness: they’re starting to replace that, but they’ve a long way to go.


  5. It’s odd to me that channels with complete ownership of such a potentially popular niche opt instead to load up on drivel. History is such a joy. If there were any money in it, I’d have probably chosen that as my profession. But that’s just because I’m really concerned about the Morbidly Obese Nazi Alien Lumberjack Apocalypse. Not ghosts, though. That’s just silly.


  6. desertscope: you have broken their code! MONALA lurks to eat us all.


  7. A lot of shows are basically looking for emotional confrontations over: agreement on sales prices; who’s gonna catch the ‘gator; or the motorcycle customization being behind schedule. Men like to watch other men yell at each other apparently: hence a lot of cable news too.


  8. Me for one. Not much arguing, and if there is I think of as intelligent.


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