Did I die and go to heaven? I mean Graceland?

Okay, full disclosure . . . the story only says that, to date, these three have accepted; Texas hasn’t heard yet from Romney. But for a brief moment, when I saw this headline, my heart went a pitter-patter. You know?

7 responses to “Did I die and go to heaven? I mean Graceland?

  1. I’d think there is NO WAY Romney is gonna show up…

    He DOESN’T need to….

    He HAS the nomination….

    He’s focused on Obama now….


    • Good! Then we can just sit back and enjoy this odd debate for it’s sheer entertainment value.

      But . . . do you think it’ll really happen james?


  2. Oh please baby Jesus, please please let it be so. I mean I know you just gave me yesterday’s ignominous defeat of the hated and most awful “THE” Ohio State basketball team (THE my ass), but couldja just do one more miracle? Give me one more of those debates! YAY. oh purty please?


  3. We were supposed to get a debate here in Oregon, but it got cancelled 😦 I was hoping against hope for it…it would have been so exciting to have the circus come to our town!


  4. Oh please, another debate


  5. IT ain’t doing ANOTHER GOP Debate….

    Count on it!

    The BOSS said so…
    His Wife!


  6. I expect this will be a bash Mitt fest (if it happens minus Mitt). I think Mitt is unlikely to bother.


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