American Flag couture

American, in case you can't tell

The Tea Party Patriots are back in D.C., marching outside the Supreme Court. And once again, I see literally hundreds of people decked out in the American Flag. So I’m reminded of the US Flag Code and the traditionally observed rules of respect and etiquette:

The flag should not be used as “wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery of any kind

33 responses to “American Flag couture

  1. Fair point.

    That said, it’s far better to wear the flag than to burn it, which is par for the course at any Occupy rally.


  2. Moe, Moe, Moe. That was just for Vietnam war protesters. Not for the Tea Partiers. Don’t cha know that???????


  3. In actuality, it should be described as the traditionally unobserved rules of respect and etiquette, not that this behavior bothers me by and large.

    Irrespective of who’s doing it though, I find it a bit “anvilicious” for anyone to be wearing a lot of flag clothing while holding a political rally. Of course, I also don’t like it when a POTUS uses the flag as a backdrop – shades of Orwell – during speeches.


    • That ginormous falg POTUSes use as backdrop gives me the creeps too . . . remember the film McArthur? It ended with him standing with a (I swear) quarter acre sized flag draped behind him. (the message I think was that he saw himself as godlike).

      I’ve a brother who flies the flag 24/7/365. Which is fine. But I don’t like that either except for official govt buildings etc. I have a gorgeous heavy canvas glag I inherited and I love the ceremonial (and reverent) feeling of putting it out on national holidays. (And then taking it down that night.)


      • Yeah, I’ve one I put out on special occasions too and another, in a tasteful case that my mom got for- as in in place of – my father. The only ones I actually wear are the one’s on my old uniforms and the one on the vest I wear over my leathers when I ride.

        I really don’t mind the flag clothing or, in most cases, the displays. It’s just not something that I’ve felt the desire to do myself.

        OK, those Liberals at Obama’s inauguration waving their flags around, probably for the first time ever, bothered me – but so would a lot of other groups.


  4. Does the prohibition apply to flag pins too?


  5. I’ll take them more seriously if they burn their Social Security cards and swear to take no benefits.


    • Nope. I see celebs and fashiion mags and others doing it all the time. They’re ignorant of the code as well and I don’t like it wehn they do it. But I like it even less when I see it in a political context.


  6. I’m surprised at how many people hang a flag in front of their house, then forget about it. They are never taken down at night (or lit, if left up), they’re allowed to tatter and fade. Better not to fly it at all.

    The flag regulations are pretty well defined–much beyond just the flag itself. Sarah Palin ignored them completely–painted one on the side of her bus (thus using it for advertising purposes) and signed autographs on them. I cringed when I saw George and Laura Bush STANDING on a flag carpet at a ceremony, thus putting the flag on the floor (no no!) and standing on it (no no no!)

    I think that any time the flag is used in an in-your-face display of look-how-patriotic-we-are, it’s sad and disrespectful.


    • marylee, it also feels like an exxampe of what our grandmothers always warned us – “do as I say, not as I do”. A flag in the yard or on your car doesn’t make you a patriotic citizen.


  7. Like everything else ‘IT DEPENDS WHO YOU ARE!’


  8. Although…while the flag clothing does look heavy-handed at political rallies, I find it hard to part with the idea of American flag bikinis.


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  10. Completely disrespectful. Glad to hear folks are aware of our Flag Code though!


    • Welcome Michael . . . given you business, you might be interested to know that my own flag is one issued for the bicentennial. It’s canvas, and in the blue field has 13 stars circling the numbers “1776”. Handsome as they come; I love it.


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