Oh this young fella didn’t leave his brain at the door, no sirreee!

A columnist at Town Hall dot com reviews the new book by Sen. James Inhofe, The Greatest Hoax. Inhofe’s not fooled by all that climate science crap, and young David, who reviews Inhofe’s masterwork, is so aboard. He agrees with most every word and remarkably adds this:

An international carbon tax program is one of the most hideous ideas forged in the minds of men.  Since all known life forms are carbon-based, it is a proposal to control all life. 

He also tells us that there are 408, four-hundred-and-eight-fer-elvis’-sakefootnotes!!!! And as we all know, footnotes!!!! mean it’s all real. I’ve seen this conflation before with conservative books . . . apparently if there are footnotes!!!! that means it’s absolutely to be treated as a scholarly work. I think a great deal was made on FOX News about how Ann Coulter”s last book had 80, eighty-fer-elvis’-sake,  footnotes!!!! (I think half were ibid’s.)

(I have a small book, much treasured, published 22 years ago, called The Next One Hundred Years by Jonathan Weiner. It’s all about that climate science and global warming stuff. It’s barely 200 pages and yet has 54 solid pages of notes and sources. That apparently makes it the bible. )

The chart is from here. Nice site – you might want to visit.

11 responses to “Oh this young fella didn’t leave his brain at the door, no sirreee!

  1. I always thought footnotes were a sign of elite snobbery… how could Fox like them??
    …” a proposal to control all of life.” Wow. Heavy. Who needs footnotes after that?


  2. chart is

    Before the time when we all think man contributed significantly to CO2 in the atmosphere, the temperate anomoly moved .6 degrees. In about 1910 it ranked at about -.6 ending in 1940 at about 0. Then in 1950 it moved from -.2 ending just north of .4 in 2000.

    How does the temperature of a planet change that much without human intervention?


    • That dip in temps from the end of 19th c and early 20th, are assumed to be because four of the five largest recorded volcanic eruptions since 1850 happened between 1883 and 1912. Temperatures plummeted and then returned to rising.


  3. They don’t allow you to use footnotes unless you know what you’re talking about. It’s a Teaparty rule. Inhofe is an asshat and that means that Oklahoma is not fit for human habitation.


  4. As usual, the pollution and destruction of this planet are not that bad…but trying to control carbon emissions is just terrible and malevolent!! The worst thing that could possibly happen to us. Even if man-made climate change wasn’t happening, what would be so horrifying about limiting our use of resources and our emissions just a bit?


    • brat: I love how LImbaugh in particular spent 20 years insisting climate wasn’t warming. When evidence started piling up and they could no longer claim temps weren’t rising, they changed to framing of the argument to denying it was ‘man-made’. Smooth as silk, adn barely noticed.


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