Perhaps he’s hitting a few golf balls?

I sure hope George Bush is having a nice life.

Today is the 145th day of the 11th year of the War in Afghanistan.

And are we still at ‘war’ in Iraq? We invaded that country nine years ago this month, so something like 4,000 days?

$1.3 Trillion American dollars (mostly borrowed, can’t raise taxes ya’ know; this ain’t the 1940’s fer Elvis’ sake!). Watch the dollar clock here.

US military dead in Iraq – 4486.

US military dead in Afghanistan – 1914.

11 responses to “Perhaps he’s hitting a few golf balls?

  1. Despite what you may hear Moe…
    The US STILL has military assets in Iraq….


    • Right james, like the world’s largest embassy. It’s actually a small city, larger than Vatican City or Disney World. We planned 16K staff/soliders, but are cutting way back . . Iraq is saying they don’t want that big a US presence. They’re basically saying ‘no’.


  2. The US is ALSO doing Predator overflights…..
    I would also suspect that there are Special Operators assigned to the country…..
    The same will happen with Afghanistan…..
    Large troop deployments ALWAYS become occupiers….


  3. And drain THIS Country’s Economy…… To say nothing of the ‘other’ scarfices…..


  4. Btw – the debt clock is at $15.6 trillion today.

    Didn’t it pass 15 just the other day?


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  7. Now what could I do with 15 was that trillion?


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