Watch. Then softly wipe that tear

10 responses to “Watch. Then softly wipe that tear

  1. Wow .. and thanks.


  2. Sometimes it works out that way. Sometimes it doesn’t. The latter being too often the case.


    • True enough I guess, but isn’t this vid about redemption, rewards, power of love, hope . . . all those things we strive toward but often miss the mark?

      I think striving to do/be better, beleiving it possible, maybe visualizing it as a reality, keeps us going – otherwise we’d all just find a soft chair and say ‘fuck it.’


      • True, I guess. Finding a soft chair and saying ‘fuck it’ is a seductively easy response. That I know personally from hard-learned lessons.

        I’m going to see the cartoon differently than you though, Moe. At 18, I buried a fiance and at 20 I handed a nicely folded flag to my friend and teammate’s widow. That makes the whole young couple meets and grows old together look a little different to me.


        • Sorry to hear that jonolan – I’ve been spared the tragedy of losing people so young but I understand entirely how that makes the cartoon ring false for you.


          • Not so much false, Moe, as just being predicated upon a pleasant fantasy.

            My case was extreme, but only one of my friends’ young relationships survived through “the college years.” Most often, life’s necessities just pulled them apart.

            Nonetheless, it was a beautiful cartoon.


            • Yeah, I thought so too. I’m so cynical that I’m rarely moved by this sort of thing, but sometimes . . .

              By the way, at the insistance of the younger generation in my family, I had to cease and desist verbalizing my basic philosophy of ‘life’s a bitch and then you die”. Turns out, after I stopped saying it, I realized I really didn’t beleive it – just apparently thought it wicked clever.


              • No, “Life’s a virgin.” It’s just as difficult to get as a bitch but not really worth the effort to get to get – unless you’re willing to put the time into it. 😉

                But really, life sucks rocks and then you die. Life is also freaking great and then you die. As far as i can see, you can either take the good with the bad, or you can choose to just “exist” instead of living and avoid both. You can’t, however, avoid just one.


                • Well said! “You can avoid both, but you can’t avoid just one.”


                • Thanks. I was paraphrasing my Grandfather’s advise to me from a long, long time ago. His version was closer to, “You got to take both the good and the bad. If don’t, you won’t get either and your already dead – breathing or not, boy.”


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