News gathering done well

The Guardian newspaper has been ‘live-blogging’ developments as they happen in Toulouse, France, where police have named and cornered a suspect in those multiple killings.

Even a paper with the tremendous staff resources of The Guardian can only report what they know and many aspects and events are not understood at first. Details unfold over the hours, and eventually a fuller picture emerges.

Their live-blog is as good an example as I’ve ever seen of how the reporting process works, how the various elements evolve into a narrative with each bit of new information . . . in other words, it shows how it’s done (or how it should be done).  You can also see early reports – often inaccurate – become clearer over time as professionals stay with the story and push for more facts.

Worth a look if you’ve the time. (I’ve bookmarked it so I can check back and see what happens next.)

2 responses to “News gathering done well

  1. And very nice blog post, too! 🙂


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