Report? We don’t do no lousy reporting

This should be humiliating for CNBC; I wonder if they’ll even notice.

One Becky Quick, an actual host [!] on CNBC, appeared on an MSNBC panel discussing the recent ‘tell-all’ op-ed by that Goldman-Sacks guy that appeared in the New York Times. In it, he excoriated his former employer. Ms. Quick was suspicious. Here is some of what she said (from the one, the only, the exquisite Charles Pierce):

“I would feel very differently about this if it had been something that had been  leaked to a reporter for the Times, who then went out and did a lot of  confirming, and finding both sides of the story and reporting it out. I don’t  know a lot about this gentleman. I never heard of him before. I don’t know what  happened there. Taking it just as a letter itself, it seems like a disgruntled  employee.”

(Pierce notes here that she doesn’t seem to know the difference between an Op-Ed and a Letter to the Editor.) Here’s more of  Quickety-Quick’s quackery:

“To Charles’s point about how the rest of the country’s going to read this,  it’s probably true and it’s probably unfortunate, because they’re not going to  go back and look at the actual details, and back again to why was this a letter  to the editor, instead of a fully reported piece that gives you both sides* of  the story . . . . And I hate to say that this is just a  disgruntled employee, because I don’t know enough about it. I wish I knew more  about it. I wish I could tell you about what was happening on the inside.”

[Pierce speaks] Yes, if this country only had, say, a television network the sole function of  which was to, you know, report on the financial industry, we would be  much better off.

I bet she’s going to be a star.

* Dear lady, stories don’t have ‘sides’. Stories tell the story.

18 responses to “Report? We don’t do no lousy reporting

  1. Wasn’t the one and only Becky the sexy (to some) rising star of MSNBC? She of reporting from exotic locales where world level financial meetings are held.


    • Thought that was Erin Burnett who moved from CNBC to MSNBC? But who cares, this one is just an example of MSNBC’s new move to be out-FOX FOX by hiring lots of blonds with low cut tops to ‘anchor’ their ‘news’ shows.


      • You’re right, it was Erin. Yet another senior moment. Where was Becky from…I remember her from somewhere. Getting old and losing my memory sucks!


        • They’re both – originally – from CNBC. Erin went to CNN, where they immediately turned her into a babe covering vapid stuff, instead of the pretty solid reporter she was at CNBC.


      • As usual when talking about FOX, you’ve got it wrong, Moe.

        FOX doesn’t go for the low-cut tops. They go for the short, slit, or both skirts. They’re all leg men over there. 😉

        And yes, the rest of us used to make jokes about it and got to point where we could call out “queue the leg shot” and be right 90%+ of the time. 😆


        • How could I have missed that! Looking at the plunging necklines at MSNBC, I’m guessing they’re into . . . shoulders? necks? . . . gee, I can’t think of anything else . . .


  2. Interestingly, the day this story broke CNBC’s David Faber, one of their real stars, was on with Brian Williams to comment on this story and he said he had no trouble believing it as he has been hearing similar things for the past several years. While seeming to corroborate the story it also begs the question, where was his follow up on such an important thing.


  3. Is that the E-Trade baby? Or a nephew?


  4. In other words, I’m betting on a cute nephew 🙂


  5. We need a reporter to share time between Fox and MSNBC.

    This would allow cross pollination between left and right…

    and a plunging neckline, and short slitted skirt.


    • Ahh bruce, you want to have it ALL! Okay, you can have the neckline and the skirt if we can have that shared reporter! Wouldnt that be cool!


  6. I thought of Juan Williams as sort of fitting that bill when he worked both NPR and Fox. I thought it unfortunate he was fired by NPR because of that.

    I wouldn’t want to see him a short skirt however.


    • NPR was stupid firing him. It was wrong, wrong, wrong.


      • Not stupid, just honest. NPR is far Left-wing, despite their charter, and they were honest enough to fire Williams when he went against what their “customers” wanted.


        • What NPR mostly is guillty of – though not always – is being boring. That said, I love the science programming, the off beat stories, and appreciate the depth of reporting and news from other organizations like American Public Radio. And Fresh Air! And Prarie Home Companion! And that funny funny call in car show on Saturday, with Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers. And the Saturday game shows like Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me!

          When they’re not being boring, they are the old time radio I remember from growing up – real programs.

          So how are they ‘far left wing’?


        • Also jonolan, the only home left on radio for jazz and classical music.


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