As if more evidence were needed . . .

. . . here is yer rock-solid proof. The media is librul!!!

8 responses to “As if more evidence were needed . . .

  1. Well most self-styled conservatives would barely acknowledge McCain as part of their club. If you could say the same for say Jim Demint, that’d be something.


    • Yeah bruce, but Demint is an outlier even in the GOP – Tea Party loves him but he’s too conservative for even many conservatives. McCains 64 appearances and Dole’s 63 were over 30 years, during most of which the GOP was much more moderate, And they appeared more than any other politicians – no Dems came close.


  2. Handy guide: If the majority of a show’s guests isn’t conservative, the show is being run by raging Commies 😉


  3. Hey you’re another blog, eh?


  4. Ooops!
    That’s the McCain tweet!
    He, he, he….

    I’m moving way TOO fast!


    • james, I’ve barely the energy to keep this one going! I know a number of our blog friends who maintain multiple blogs – I think they must clone themselves.


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