Guy Fawkes? Che Guevera? How heroes are made

Once there were these.




And now there’s this. It’s brilliant and might turn out to have real power. Elvis knows it’s very skillful branding.

16 responses to “Guy Fawkes? Che Guevera? How heroes are made

  1. The first is a mask idolizing the bearer’s anonymity. The second a portrait idolizing a historical revolutionary. The third is an apparent mugshot memorializing the substance abuse issues of a truly awful human being. I have always felt sorry for people like Breitbart, but …

    The optimist in me feels that even people like Cheney and Bush, Jr. really meant well, despite their apparent misanthropy. But I always got the feeling that Breitbart and his ilk seethed with rage about anything that failed to bow to the white male Christian hierarchy.

    I’ve always wondered about these people. Do they realize the consequences if they ever managed to get a real monster into power? I am no historian, but I bet things did not go well for the propagandists that brought Hitler and Stalin to power. Also, neither Hitler nor Stalin lived in a time of civilization-destroying numbers of nuclear weapons,


    • desertscope: you hit on exactly why I think this poster may have powerr – and it’s because it captures and ‘brands’ anger, especially anger at liberals and the ‘other’ . . . well, you said it best, anger of those that “seethed with rage about anything that failed to bow to the white male Christian hierarchy. ”

      And it’s very very 1984.


  2. People unfortunately put “heroes” on a pedestal and don’t realize they are human beings trying to do the best they can in their own individual situations.-EvS


  3. To put Breitbart in the proper perspective, he previously founded – in all but actual name – The Huffington Post. There’s even still an ongoing lawsuit over the whole thing.

    I think that whatever hate Breitbart had was reserved for the Lamestream Media.

    As for the first two – a Catholic terrorist and brutal, murderous thug were each far worse than any of those Americans mentioned by desertscope.


    • I knew that about Breithbart – the worrld is full of strange bedfellows alright! Was his HuffPo thing a business relationship or ideological?

      I think of Guy Fawkes as an anarchist, the worst kind. Che was a romantic idealist and could have landed on either side, depending on who had to be overthrown in those days.

      But I think all three images are stupendously powerful in their ‘branding’. The first two have lasted. As for Andrew – I’m no longer so sure if that one will have any lasating power.


      • It was business I believe.

        Read up a bit more on Fawkes. He was a Catholic terrorist who tried to to assassinate King James I and restore a Catholic monarch to the British throne, apparently by trying to blow up the House of Lords while the King was there.


  4. Now there you go trying to ruin one of my favourite movies. V for vendetta. I know, I know, fiction…………but it sure beats the hell out of reality sometimes. 😦
    Plus the guy would have made a great rapper with all that rhyming stuff. 🙂


  5. I never tire of feel good movies. 🙂
    If I need a dose of shit reality I just watch Criminal Minds. 😦


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