And the blog vacation ends?

Who knows . . . dropped out for a few days because I just didn’t feel like being here. And I was busy, very busy. I’m even a few days behind in my email.

Long long ago and far far away - 8th Grade graduation

Meanwhile, a nice thing has happened in my life: one of my much-loved nephews is a life long resident of Connecticut in the town where he (and I) grew up. He’s married, and owns a mid size insurance agency in the very heart of town in a lovely old historic house that is now home to his agency along with a few lawyers.

Last month, he opened a satellite office right down here – again, in the very heart of town. It’s even in one of the older more graceful buildings. He shares it with a small law office.

Yesterday, I was in town doing errands and stopped in for a hug and a ‘hi!’. And being able to do that is, as I said, a very nice thing.

13 responses to “And the blog vacation ends?

  1. Is the “pressure” a little bit off too, you think, in terms of politics and the state of things? I’m thinking a bit of 2010 and 2011 as two years where blogging started for me – and the need to vent and discuss politics was pretty persistent every day. Now it sort of fizzles away a bit.. it’s better days.. obama is effective.. the right-wing lies fades away as they lost the WH to spread fear.. and this war on social issues is just outdated and a losing game.. one might (and probably should at times) afford to become a bit less political, and enjoy other everyday things!


    • mac, you’ve managed – successfully it seems – to step away often and ‘refresh’ yourself with gentler subjects and observations.I try but keep feeling myself dragged back in. I’ve become cynical (was I always? probably) and know that ‘nothing is forever’, so the outrage of the day tends to pass into the mists. But still . . . . my little ‘breaks’ are too brief methinks.


  2. WEll…..
    Like peas in a pod….
    All we need is David…..
    Yea guys the bug has got me also….
    You DO get tired pumping out everyday….
    Even though I went and got the iPhone to keep in touch I find it harder to get started everyday….
    The GOP race is actually just TOO long…..
    I’m following the NY Knicks who are reminding me of the Mets these days…..
    He, he, he…
    I notice even the BIG Willys doing the same thing!
    Cillizzza just went away with his family…
    And even twitter’s quiet….
    We ALL could use a time out like the regular non-political junkies….
    The Fall is gonna be a Magilla….


    • Maybe it’s the warm weather james – summer coming on a bit early.The conventions will come soon enough . . . I’ve a nephew who scouts for the Milwaukee Bucks – I should follow them, but don’t. How are they doi’g?


  3. You have GOOD smile there Moe!


  4. he, he, he….


  5. Are you trying to get all your liberal relative to move to FL and swing the political balance???


    • My nephew is a tribal conservative like his father! I’m trying to get them to move here so I can get to work on them in time for the election. 🙂




  7. Good. The times of our lives are actually very fleeting, so savings some is a good thing.


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