I hate stereotyping (although I admit to doing it all too much)

Conservatives insist that liberals never ever criticize their own, and especially not Dear Leader. Which is nonsense of course. Glenn Greenwald, a liberal’s liberal who now blogs at Salon magazine, writes this today in a post he calls “The Authoritarian Mind”.

Hollywood producer and director Davis Guggeinheim just produced a 17-minute “documentary” hailing the greatness of Barack Obama and his many historic and profound accomplishments, and it will be released this week by the Obama campaign. Please just watch this two-minute interview of Guggenheim by CNN’s Piers Morgan in which Guggenheim explains that nothing critical can or should be said of our President other than the fact that he is so Great that his Greatness cannot be sufficiently conveyed in a single film (via VastLeft); other than noting the obvious — how creepy his Leader worship is and how perfect of a guest-host he’d be for several MSNBC shows — all I can say is that this is the pure face of the Authoritarian Mind, but it is as common as it is repellent . . .

CNN video at the link.

11 responses to “I hate stereotyping (although I admit to doing it all too much)

  1. There’s always plenty of group think, but it seems especially bad amongs the US right at the moment. I think that’s a least in part the lack of a coherent set of theory about the what good society is and how to get there. As a result: mediocre thinking, and few new ideas. Why else do think Romney’s issues such as they are sound no different than what Reagan ran on over 30 years ago. More defense spending, such as to protect against the Soviets, except they’re gone, cutting taxes that have already been repeatedly cut…

    Conservatives have been in control of the executive branch or at least one house of congress or both for about all but 4 of the last thirty years.
    A lot of the agenda of 1980 (entitlements have likely been affected the least, hence the deficit) has been done, and we have nothing left and no coherent vision.


    • Such good points Bruce. I agree that the ‘tribalism’ is much more established on the right than the left, but lordy we seem to be trying to get there. I reject that for myself. At least i try to. It’s so very bad for all of us.

      Your words: “protect against the Soviets, except they’re gone, cutting taxes that have already been repeatedly cut…” go to the very heart of how empty the GOP case has become.


  2. Ms. Holland ,

    You are one of the few on your side who stoops to being this honest . Having someone speak like this guy did does not help ones cause . I thought that even from your side’s viewpoint there was far too much of this during the beginning of Obama’s Presidency . He was being overpraised for what he was going to do, which set him up for failure . The premature awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize was the worst example . At least the Republican nominee, whomever he will be, will not have this kind of problem .


    • [Having someone speak like this guy did does not help ones cause ]

      The point of honesty is not to advance a cause, but to advance civil discourse. And that’s something that’s good for us all.


  3. So the guys thinks Obama’s Great…..
    So Some people Think Ron Paul is Great…..

    Different strokes
    For Different folks…
    Don’t for get this guy GOT paid I’ll Bet!

    Ain’t NOTHING on the Level….


  4. I read a book not too long ago about Authoritarianism. Fascinating and frightening, too true to life if you ask me. It explains much about certain segments of our society. Indeed, I am related to a few living examples.

    I like Obama. But I just blogged yesterday about some of my concerns about him. I agree with him on many points. If the election were held today I would vote for him. But Obama also has his flaws and has disappointed me on a number of fundamental issues that concern me greatly.

    I do find it disturbing that even a few left-leaning folks refuse to examine the facts and educate themselves about their own guy’s shortcomings. Perhaps it is a natural human trait to want to believe in someone so much that we blind ourselves to their failings?


    • You mention the Patriot Act in your post and I think that the turn around on that and Guantanamo and ‘targeted killing’ are the things that bother me most. I never expected Obama to sprinkle fairy dust on us all and usher in a new age of bliss, but I did expect him to come through on undoing – or at least trying to undo – those deeply anti-American bills and acitons. Republicans carry on with soemthing abour health care and the end of freedom. I wish they’d take a look at what things like the Patriot Act are turning us intoo.

      But yeah, you are right – it is human nature to cling to those who think as we do.


  5. Progressives and most particularly progessice Democrats have a long history of “eating thier young”. Sadly, I wish we were able to walk in lockstep to the polls but that is not the Democratic way. No one is without flaws but it should be the job of the oppnent to point them out, not ours.


    • Ed, we never do walk in lockstep, do we. What’s that old quote from (I think) Will Rogers? “I dont belong to an organized political party; I’m a Democrat.”

      I DO think it’s also our job, not just hte opposition’s, to point out our own flaws. That’s at least honest.


  6. I’m sorry guys, me thinks you are all being just a tad falsely modest . Come November you will lockstep into the voting booth and do your duty to party and country . Just as I will hold my nose and cast a hanging chad for Romney .

    I believe your side and my side balance each other out . The middle went to you guys last time . Maybe they will just stay home this time and we will tie .


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