Something up with WordPress?

WordPress bloggers: my comment notifications are acting weird today. Anyone else??

7 responses to “Something up with WordPress?

  1. As one WordPress blogger to another, I’ll give it a try. I was going to e-mail you anyway to show you this cartoon.

    It certainly makes one wonder why his sponsors ignored all that bile.


  2. My stats for today are unbelievably low. It couldn’t be that nobody is reading me. Really. I am WILDLY popular.


    • I’m pretty much on target. (see, I have this machine that sucks away the readership of any other blogger who is foolish enough to come here more than once. So you WERE wildly popular, but now . . . . . )


  3. I didn’t notice anything odd.


  4. Yes but I thought it was the modem 🙂 By the way do you now have that wonderful map at the left side which shows which countries your readers are from. A glorious addition and a wonderful time waster! It completely overturned my impressions of where my readership came from!


    • Just saw it yesterday! Can you post it as a widget??

      By the way,, the comment problem seems to have cleared up. I think it had to do with ‘reblogging’.


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