Frank alerted me to this. I just don’t know what to say.


26 responses to “Speechless

  1. Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in. This guy is like Sarah Palin. Either the guest that came to visit and never leaves or the gift that keeps on giving to the Progressives.


  2. And people want to claim Obama was/is inexperienced?


  3. I saw the CNN news ticker scroll “Kucinich out, Joe the Plumber in” and wanted to barf. Welcome to 2012 America.


    • Even Kucinich knew he was going to lose and March Kaptur (SP?) is okay. Joe? At least htat will keep us amused whiile whoever his opponent is sweeps clean.


  4. This dude isn’t even a plumber from what I’ve read, but the one who tricked Obama into his infamous “spread the wealth” comment.

    Shamefully, I slept through voting day. They had sent me a letter telling me where to go and I had planned on going and plum slept through it.


  5. Good news is that his opponent … the one who defeated Kucinich …. is very experienced; plus the GOP does not see the district as in play.


  6. Good for Joe! Now let’s see if he can win seat and then follow his principles instead of the easy route.

    It’s past time we had more people like Joe, or Moe, or a lot of others in Congress. Representatives with little in the way of visceral understanding of we, the People haven’t done so well for us over the last generation or two.

    But then, I prefer going back to the much older “part time” Congress when they spent much more time in their districts and much less time in D.C..


    • pino, what’s Joe been doing since his 15 minutes? I assume he has a website, so I’lll have to go there and see what are the ‘principles’ of which you speak. 🙂

      Meanwhile re our current Congress critters – I’m okay with the full time part, but how ’bout we build dorms with little studio aparetments for them? They could be in session three weeks and off one week and go home, where they’d have to actually live and shop and send hteir kids to school and actually see their district in other than campaign mode. Also – they’d be required to actually work at their local constitutent office during the ‘home’ week. We could even finance their travel. That would be fine with me.


      • Re Congressional housing & travel – That’d work for me! 😆


        • The best part would be making them keep thier day to day lives in thier district where things aren’t like they are inide the DC ‘bubble’.


          • Yep, and long ago that was, for the most part, how it was done. Of course that was before we had a large cadre of professional politicians.


            • And of course it also before air travel. By the way, it seems I’ve taken to calling you ‘pino’ again. You guys have been most cordial about that.

              Besides our professional politicians, we also now have a permanent campaign ‘industry’ with a lobby and all, that is very invested it keeping things just as they are. Money, as usual, is power.


  7. That does it, I’m running for Congress! Benefits are great and dumb is better.


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