Off. His. Game.

Rush Limbaugh is flustered, at least he was during the 15 minutes I listened today in the car. (I had to tune in of course –  Schadenfreude and all.)

The man, usually one of the finest practitioners of the English language, was reaching – both for coherence and vocabulary. He even made a few grammatical errors – rare for him, as Rush’s near pitch-perfect use of language has been his friend.  But today it deserted him.

Limbaugh is famously thin-skinned, always lashing out – with skill – to discredit or otherwise inflict maximum damage on whoever dares demean or publicly question him. Today he was flailing around, unable to settle on a target for his wrath.

He’s rattled.

6 responses to “Off. His. Game.

  1. He’s rattled. jiggled.


  2. I think his biggest mistake here was to lauch a vicious attack on a ordinary person with a name. His fake solders claim and the like were just as bad, but on a faceless opponent. That made it less obvious in it viciousness.


    • Right. And it drives me crazy when the media, esp the left wing media, keeps referring to Fluke as ‘a 30 year old law student’, which has absolutely nothing to do with the point of the offense. It wasn’t because she was 30 or a law student, it was, as you said, because the attack was on a ‘private citizen’ doing a civic thing and presenting her case to her legislators.


  3. Limbaugh is a wimp. He doesn’t allow any dissenting opinions on his show… only ass kissers and ditto-heads.


    • I love how when a caller gets thru with some dissenting view, even a very mild one, Rush immediately ‘rephrases’ what the guy said, twisting it in the process. And of course, he ends the call so the caller can’t respond.

      He sure knows his listeners. They seem to be happy he lies right in front of them.


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