And God laughed

15 responses to “And God laughed

  1. Pat Robertson must have taken some bad acid trios in his younger days… go on


  2. I’ve been waiting on Pat Robertson to say something about the latest storms, and I just saw a report on CNN. Amazing!


  3. Ugh. Whenever misfortune strikes, Robertson and his ilk blame the victim. They didn’t pray enough. They were too “sinful.” It’s easier to blame the victim than even consider the possibility that their “loving” God is indifferent to suffering.


  4. It happens almost every time: someone is interviewed in front of their untouched house while across the street their neighbor’s house has been leveled. Their explanation for their luck is that “god truly blessed us”. Well, he sure must have hated those sons-of-bitches across the street. I mean, really?


  5. No comments on Mike Malloy??? Radio talker must be over the top it seems.


  6. Politics as war to destroy an enemy, not a way to reach collective decision for the good of the body, given differing points of view.


  7. Never heard of Mike M.
    Should I have?
    I still like more moderate and reasonable commentators, no matter what their political allegiance.


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