Zinger of the Decade!

From conservative columnist Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post, commenting on  Limbaugh moralizing about college sexual activity:

 It is entirely possible that Limbaugh himself never needed contraception in college, but virtue in the absence of opportunity is hardly a moral triumph.

12 responses to “Zinger of the Decade!



  2. He was a college drop out…I guess he couldn’t handle the reading and studying…


  3. LOL…needed it!


  4. Thank you Kathleen Parker!


  5. So glad you posted this! Our newspaper ran the column, but omitted this oh-so-perfect line. (?)


  6. I believe a comment or call to said newspaper is more than in order. Wonder if they even have the RIGHT to edit out parts of copyrighted material???


    • Birdie, that was my thought too . . . but maybe they reserve the right under whatever contract they sign with her syndicator. In fact, that’s probably the case. They can claim they thought it ‘offensive’. I of course thought it brilliant!

      And welcome.


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