He’s only thinking of us, girls.

Sekanblogger has a list of Limbaugh’s sponsors with contact info and updates on who has pulled their advertising so far. Check it out.  The Pat Bagley cartoon comes from Don.

5 responses to “He’s only thinking of us, girls.

  1. Serves Limbaugh right for his offensive comments!


  2. Interesting that Limbaugh believes contraceptives that woman use are similar to condoms. That and his wishful voyeristic suggestion for Ms. Fluke. Rush is one sick puppy.


  3. What Ms. Fluke said about the alarming fact that in some hate-infested quarters of our society, Limbaugh’s 12-year-old-sniggering-boyish vitriol is misconstrued as acceptable discourse. Scary.

    Thank god money talks. He really crossed a line and needs to get the message this his hate-filled and utterly disrespectful diatribe is not acceptable. But what it reveals about his – and his listeners’ – deep-seated disdain for women! Ai.


    • There is indeed a deep seated disdain of women – it’s so visible in the conservative Christian leadership. I hope more women pick up on that before they vote.


  4. The only thing Rush understands is cash flow.


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