Excellent coinage there!

In my paper this morning: Charles Krathhammer hits a home run. He refers to  all the Romney wanna-be’s as the ‘perishable pretenders’. That’s as good as it gets.

6 responses to “Excellent coinage there!

  1. Krathhammer, what can one say. Makes us all wish we could use the language as well,although, Moe, you are definitely no slouch in that department.


  2. One could wonder – when Kraut will start aiming at the extreme right and billionaire donors too, as the real enemy here. George Will is getting around to it, about a decade late.


  3. I am always surprised how lionized he is by the right, not because of his political positions, but because he is clearly a highly educated man with a very sophisticated mind, and they are supposed to hate that.

    checked out David Frum latelly? Frumforum.com.. It’s at the Daily Beast I think.


  4. It’s true. They could love an intellectual, as long as his values are dark, hateful and paranoid.
    Kraut is brilliant at his best – but his analysis of f.ex. Obama is very strange at times, often flipping things into some devious multilayered plot. He needs to lighten up a bit I think. The world is better than he fears.

    Frum? Nope, not lately. But he’s changed all the way, hasn’t he? Shaped conservative by upbringing – and now finding his liberal-progressive nature?


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