They may grow up, but . . .

. . . . she still loves her Daddy.


4 responses to “They may grow up, but . . .

  1. Eh, her daddy still creeps me out.


    • Her daddy’s day is done Ahab. But he did drag the conversation back to 1959, which has thrilled certain religious right groups. I’m sure they feel newly empowered, but it’s just noise really. The country has moved on.


  2. She looks like a sweet gal. Unfortunately, she also has the look in her eyes that silently begs Pa to recall how unpopular he was in his own home state a couple of years ago. She also seems to foresee the colossal ass-whooping he would receive were he to win the nomination.


    • No way does he make it to the nomination. . . he’s on his way to a colossal ass-whooping already. Had he not moved into those bizarre comments about birth control and Kennedy, he could have won Michigan. But he basically eneded his own campaign.

      I don’t think Santorum was in it to win it anyway – I think he was in it to polish up his cred and gain stature with the usual suspects.


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