You knew it and I knew it. And now we all know it.

We’ve got trouble folks. We’ve got trouble – right here in River City. Trouble with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for . . .

Herewith some serious fine journalism from CNS News, a rather interesting ‘news’ outlet, owned by the Media Research Center, a non-profit dedicated to proving there’s a librul media. Got that?

11 responses to “You knew it and I knew it. And now we all know it.

  1. I remember having testosterone. It’s been awhile though….
    back then I was too busy having sex to go to college and have sex.
    That damned testosterone pushed me into marrying the ex-hag, even though I knew better.

    Today it’s not a problem. I prefer a nice meal and a nap.
    My wife is great cook and she’s a bit younger, so she still prefers sex over eating and napping. Good thing she loves me, I usually get to choose which we do…..hmmm, sex or chicken fried steak and gravy?
    No, no. Don’t put gravy on THAT, sweetie….I need a nap!


    • 🙂 That ‘too busy having sex’ was probablly the fault of all those young sluts who were using birth control. Otherwise of course it would nevver have occurred to you.

      Naps, snacks . . . yup.. The good life!


  2. Naps, snacks…oh yeah. With two women at home, sometimes I’d prefer the food – just sometimes though.

    The funny part of the article is that CNS just quoted Pelosi’s witness. It was a Liberal complaining about this, not a Conservative.

    As for the actual numbers involved – that’s about $83 / month or about 4 cheap (the normal kind) college date dinners for two per month – so I’m guessing it’s still costing the guys a bit more to get laid regularly. Maybe we should pay for that too if we’re going to approach sex as a “right.” LOL

    Oh that’d be funny. I can picture the government saying, “If you cannot afford a lover, the government will appoint one for you.” Maybe it could be the summer internship for one’s like Fluke on Public Interest/Public Service scholarships! 😛


    • Jonolan, think of all the poor lonely-hearts out there. Surely we must do something for them! 🙂

      For me, that CNS story is all about that preposterous headline. I honestly don’t care what the young woman said/wanted/compained about. Whatever it was, it’ll be forgotten tomorrow, but the issue – not of who pays (which is one thing) – but of easy access to birth control will remain. Threaten that and watch out. There’s not a woman of my acquaintance, of whatver age or political persuasion, who wouldn’t take to the streets over this one.


  3. For once CNS’ headline aptly described what Fluke’s argument actually was. If I’d been in Congress and in that “hearing” I’d have told the slut to go home and to quit wasting everyone’s time.

    Don’t misunderstand me. I have no issue with most forms of contraceptives, though I somewhat appreciate the logic of many who are against them.

    The woman’s argument was ridiculous though, so much so that I, at first, thought it was a joke.

    We need the pill because otherwise sex is too expensive so it should be free? Really?


    • [I’d have told the slut to go home and to quit wasting everyone’s time.]

      What’s the word you’d apply to the men who also like to sleep around or have frequent unmarried sex with their girlfriends?


      • That or slut-puppy, or dawg, or playa, or…something – if they got up in front of me and said that the expense of the sex lives was just cause for needing to have their women’s contraceptives for free.

        Except nobody, not even Pelosi, would bring a guy in to say something like that because everyone knows they’d get less than no sympathy from anyone.


        • How about a man using Viagra for other than reproductive uses – isn’t it covered by insurance usually? I’d be interested to know if there’s a ‘moralty’ opt out on that one for employers.

          Your suggestions for a word for the male equivalent jonoolan, kind of proves a point about the signifficance of that word used here – you called her a ‘slut’ and everyone, every English speaker, knows what that means and the social/moral condemnation built into it. Whatever word you chose to use for a male counterpart, it would not be understood to mean one thing.


          • Society is what society is, Moe. Promiscuous women are branded as they are branded. There are various reasons for this – some good, some bad, some no longer relevant.

            As for Viagra – My research over the last few years shows that very few insurance policies cover it and that it costs more than oral contraceptives. I’ll note though that the insurance Congress has DOES cover it – explicitly.


            • Drat – just lost my reply. Was saying that the word “promiiscous’ is in the same category – intended as condemnatory and applied only to women. Which is why we all continue over the centuries to improve, to overcome our biases and be more inclusive. Job ain’t done yet.

              My FL legistators just voted to keep their special cheap health care covereage. Most state employees pay six times as much as our congress. And they did it by voice vote. Courageous, eh?

              As for our Congress in DC, go easy on them. All that governmintin’ really wears a guy out!


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