Bill Gates does like his little jokes, doesn’t he.

I am dying here as I try to adapt myself to Word 2010 after being a WordPerfect user for over 20 years. When my laptop hard drive died, my data files were safe on Mozy, but my software was gone. So I had to make a decision about what to install on the new machine. I chose to ‘bite the bullet’ and – for the sake of compatibility – left my beloved WordPerfect behind and got a full Office 2010 suite.

Before 2010, I was able to use 2003 when I had to and though I didn’t much like it, I could manage whatever needed doing. No more. If you’re upgrading, think twice.

Word 2010 was apparently designed by 500 monkeys who delighted in  complexity. Be gone intuitive functionality! Welcome multiplicity! If two keystrokes were needed before, there are four now – to do the same thing. If one pull down menu for tables or formatting worked well, why twenty of them must surely be better! And why use the same old words? Let’s rename everything. Who needs a task bar? Such a pedestrian word. Let there be a ‘ribbon’. Much better word (for the same thing). Choosing key words for searching “Help” is now an interesting (and mostly unsuccessful) exercise.

‘Help’ also assumes the user is trying to do the most complicated thing, not the simple thing. To find how to do a simple thing is like a kid’s game of tag. Look here, look there, look everywhere.

And of course there's this nonsense

There is no ‘format’ tab. Excuse me, no format ‘ribbon’. Things like fonts, margins, spacing, inset pix, even copy/paste are all located on different ‘ribbons’. If I am creating a document and want to perform a function within it, I must search the other ribbons and their attendant pull down menus – which are full of new words and phrases – in order to find what I need.

A simple example: remember choosing optional security settings? In 2010 it’ll take you a while – that happens now in the ‘Trust Center”, once you find that and figure out what the Elvis it means.

By the way, anyone know what a banded row is? I’ve been trying to create a very simple table – three columns, indeterminate number of rows, nothing fancy, plain old 12 point Ariel. Plain, plain, plain. This appears to be a very difficult thing to do. I’ve been at it for almost half an hour and have more questions than when I started.

What we have here is a tool designed to make the task more difficult. Well done Microsoft.

19 responses to “Bill Gates does like his little jokes, doesn’t he.

  1. Should be under insert and click on the table button. Then highlight the size of table. I’m not sure what you mean by indeterminant. If you mean you hit return and that makes a new row: I don’t know how to do that in Word.

    I’d use Excel and paste the result in as a picture under past special.

    I hope that helps. Those rocks look pretty heavy.


  2. That’s a brilliant idea and I’ll use it until I figure this thing out.


  3. Hello Moe,
    I just stumbled across this and, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Gorge Soros are billionaires because they apply superior mind formulas. Even if some of them started off with lots of money, they are where they now find themselves as a direct result of the superior mind formulas they’ve been applying.


    • Actually lyrics, I think all three of them made the money on their own. They came from pretty humble beginnings – Soros was a WWII Jewish refugess, Buffett a small town boy of no means – only Gates had an upper middle class upbringing but he was a college drop out and far from wealthy when he began.

      No doubt they possess qualities and talents most of us don’t have. But I still think Bill Gates is messing with my mind!


  4. OPEN OFFICE….and maybe a Mac.


    • Just bought this laptop Kansas, so forget a Mac. Does Open Office work differently than MS Office or are you talking about a forum?


      • I haven’t seen the new MS Office you’re working with, but I’ve used for years and have found it easy to use and FREE! You can download it and it will do everything MS Office does.
        Also, this is ‘user-driven’, like open source projects where geeks volunteer to build the software and users give input. Open Office lets you choose which file extensions you want to save as, so compatibility issues are not a problem.

        Also, do you know about JING? JING is free and can be very handy for bloggers. Very easy to use. Give me a shout or just search for Jing from I believe they have a short video that shows the basic function.


        • I’ll check out Jing Jing. To add to my woes this week – I signed up to Pinterest (looks terrific, especially for a blogger) but somehow screwed up and now have the program but NOT it’s major feature which is a button on the task bar for instant access. Without that, it’s not special.

          Now that I have Office 2010 . . . now that it’s too late, I went to Wired and read a review. It was devvastating. So I am not alone.

          If I decide to play with OPen Office, I’ll get in touch . . I’m afraid it calls for skills I don’t have.


  5. He, he, he…..
    EMBRACE the Challenge….
    Least you throw the darn thing at a WALL!


  6. Really…..
    Good Luck!….
    I have a iMac with an old Word version …..
    I’m keeping it for as LONG as I can!


    • james, I’m thinking I should have listened to Sekan and others and just spent the extra money for a mac.

      If I could have found a legal Word 2003 for sale anywhere, I owuld have bought it in a heartbeat.


  7. Fantastic post – I laughed til my stomach hurt!! 🙂


    • Because YOU have a mac, mac!


      • I didn’t want to touch that – I’ve made my case before 🙂 But the punchline was truly fantastic.

        And before bying this macbook last March – I briefly tried a few mini-pc’s with Windows, and instantly cringed. It’s like a wall of hostility and anti-cooperation smashed in your face. Well done indeed!


  8. Try OpenOffice. You WordPerfect users normally find it an easy shift.


  9. Okay . . . I’m going to go sniff around OpenOffice. Waht a disaster this has been.


  10. Hey girlfriend, I still have the disk for 2007 Home Office (Student Version) that I believe is legal for a 2nd computer. It’s not in your sophisticated league…but available if you want it. Yuch, I made lousy weak coffee this morning. Just tasted it, ugh!


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