The modern Republican Party

FROM the front page of Little Green Footballs at 11:55pm. Here are screen shots of five of the seven stories.

10 responses to “The modern Republican Party

  1. The right-leaning wing of the GOP definitely has … issues.


  2. rightwingnuts……


  3. Have you seen that a group of female members of the Georgia House of Rep. has proposed a bill that would ban men from seeking vasectomies?
    I’m emailing you the link.


  4. Medical rape. Maybe it turns those idiots on.


  5. Have these filthy sluts not read The Good Book™? For the crime of existing while female, the lesser sex is cursed with the uncleanness of menstruation and damned to the pain of childbirth (in addition to their status as second class citizens). It’s called “Original Sin.” Look it up.


    • desertscope: Let us add that ‘original sin’ also makes we sluts responsible for any sexual misbehavior by men. We lure them you see . . . not their fault. Tidy package – that’s why pregnancy is the woman’s ‘punishment’.


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