I’m genuinely surprised

My Congressman, Vern Buchanan, occupies a permanent place on CREW’s list of the top ten most corrupt Congress critters. We are of course quite proud.

Vern sends out regular insta-polls to his flock down here (more during election season of course), in which he humbly and sincerely seeks our ‘guidance’. I respond every time, even knowing that these polls are designed to elicit reaction from a target audience and therefore provide the desired answer.

I think ole Vern may be as surprised as I was by today’s vote.

4 responses to “I’m genuinely surprised

  1. Whoops! They have to rephrase to get the answer they want. Must have asked the wrong people, those who actually read.


    • Yup. He misses that anyone in business down here – esp if dependant on tourist industry – took a terrible hit with BP. Or just fear of losing business. And that’s a LOT people – FL IS small business.


  2. This non-rigged poll is a failure!


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