Part 5: Where are the women?

Didn’t think the Republicans would hand me a brand new graphic to add to Tuesday’s series of posts. I really thought I’d drained that pond. But no . . . Rep. Darryl Issa (multiply charged criminal-CA) had him a little panel today. He didn’t want any girls to mess things up though cuz it was all about religious freedom. He even has a rabbi and a black guy, so it’s the real thing.

16 responses to “Part 5: Where are the women?

  1. Ah, it took me awhile to find the black guy in that photo. I was like “…where?!” 🙂


  2. There are some people who love the lie rather than the truth. Twisting the news is something CNN, NBC, and CBS do on a regular basis. This is just another case…and the liberals love it so.


  3. Twisting the news? I don’t think so–witness the interview with Rick Santorum this morning. The mantra is “blame the media”–much easier than answering the question.


  4. I loved how Issa was called out on this by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). That was a fun exchange to watch. And Issa’s response? (paraphrasing): “This is not about contraception, it’s about religious freedom.” Um … punt!

    I love how the GOP is doing such a fine job of pissing off smart women. You go boys!


    • I’m still stunned that the GOP has taken the bait – do they really think there’s an upside to getting on the opposite side of birth control with women? Really?


    • This panel gets enough TV play, we may be looking at a female majority in Congress. The contraception issue will turn the whole country around, I hope, I hope. Enough of white (not always white) male chavanism…time for woman to emerge strong.


  5. I listened to the first thirty minutes of the hearing online last night, and it was downright surreal. The all-male panel, not to mention Issa insisting the hearing was about religious freedom rather than reproductive issues, was mind-boggling. To boot, Bishop Lori comparing the contraception coverage mandate to a hypothetical mandate requiring Jewish delis and grocers to carry pork products took the cake. I’m sorry, but having access to ham sandwiches is NOT in the same category as having access to the means of preventing unwanted pregnancy!

    I will say that the other members of the committee, namely Cummings and Maloney, were spot-on. I’m glad they had the courage to call Issa out.


  6. The GOP ‘blame the media’ was first advanced by Newt in the debates…
    After a while the media got even….
    I’m Rick Santorum will find the same thing happening to him……


  7. Moe there are males out there who are in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with the policy of keeping women under feet….


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