Dear Elvis, can you get their deity out of my legislators. And my body. Please.

Some random thoughts arising from my extreme annoyance caused by the legions of men who think they know best:

Republican men in suits on my teevee keep telling me that birth control is a sin and that same sex marraige is an abomination, because it was ordained by their god to be between one man and one woman. They’ve successfully sold that marriage part to their fellow religionists while the rest of the country moves on. But that birth control bit is, I think, going to cause them a bit of trouble.

Historically – and to the present in many parts of the world (no matter what the Reverend Republicans say) – marriage has been an economic contract, not a religious state. Even the English expression ‘took a wife’ is a reminder of what was once a universal tenet – that women were property. This idea is apparently enjoying something of a revival among the overly religious who demand  authority over women’s bodies. They also want the State to give them that authority, all legal like. (No more the ‘mommy state’, now comes the ‘daddy state’.)

One man and one woman? Meh. Even that Commandment about ‘cleaving’ feels a bit empty since it was handed down to a man who himself had a few Mrs. Moseses.  Multiple wives abound in the Old Testament and in ‘holy’ scriptures of all religions. (Of course, today’s version of that is the taking of serial wives, as practiced by Messrs. Gingrich, Trump, Limbaugh, and other stalwarts of traditional values. )

Marriage, no matter the attitudes and rituals of the religious, is a civil contract, one which requires a license.

Remember the Florida ‘Uterati’? (Background here)

Just go away I say.

6 responses to “Dear Elvis, can you get their deity out of my legislators. And my body. Please.

  1. I love how the same group who hates birth control are all pro-gun and pro-war. I would bet $100 that most (3/4 majority) have smaller than average penises. I’m not kidding. Freud would have a case study of good old Penis Envy with the Repubs.


  2. As a religious woman myself, the Bible makes it quite clear that marriage is only between one man and one woman. Polygamy is not allowed in the Christian scriptures and where it is practiced it is usually to negative effect. Moses may not have been a polygamist as it is unknown whether his first wife died or not. I consider myself a Christian feminist


    • Jennifer, indeed, Christian polygamy if it exists at all, is exceedingly rare. Certainly won’t argue with you on that. My problem is with ‘preaching’ from civic leaders, from government legislators based on their own religious beleifs.

      Re women’s issues, it seems to be mostly men doing the ‘preaching’. I see that as overbearingly paternalistic.

      And as for who can marry, hearing the ‘one man, one woman’ mantra from men who take that to mean ‘one woman at a time’ really sticks in my craw!

      Anyway, welcome Jennifer. Opposing views are always welcome here!


      • Nice to meet you, Moe

        Sometimes the ‘preaching’ has a more than scientific basis in fact though. As I’m not from the USA, but from the UK, we have the opposing issue here, our government is for the most part Godless and doesn’t even heed scientific advice.

        Woman’s issues, it would be nice to see more woman advocating women’s issues, but would they be listened too? Men don’t even listen to their own wives! Hahaha

        Yeah, I agree with that, polygamy isn’t good for anybody.


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