BadLipReading makes Newt sexy. Uh-hu-uh.

Not intended I’m sure, but damn they went and made the man appealing.

13 responses to “BadLipReading makes Newt sexy. Uh-hu-uh.

  1. Moe, the Santorum version is far superior:


  2. There’s another one featuring a song with Obama, but it was too weird for me to post.

    We were all supposed to hear something about FP in mid-January. However, I haven’t heard a thing, so I just sent them an email to find out what happened. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.


  3. I don’t understand this.


  4. Ed: It’s a comedy group that puts substitute words into a politician’s mouth – ignoring totally whatever was actually being said. The goal is to synchronize the lips (the lip reading part) with any words that work. Thus the gibberish. Now watch it again. (The goal I’d assume is to make the politician look silly.)


    • I understood the lipsyncing part just not whatever they were saying or point being made. I think this is part of my ongoing concern that people have too much free time.


      • Let me releive your concerns: is this really any different than what’s always been? Comics spend time making funny stuff. This is meant to make us laugh with plain silliness. 🙂 And in primary season, I say ‘hurrah for silliness’. So it worked for me; I’ll take anything!


  5. The ad before it played was from some front group called They had a really insidious message that is absurd, but I think may make a lot of sense to the significant portion of voters with an IQ in the 80s and below. Truly awful.

    But as for the video itself, that is far and away the least despicable I’ve ever seen Gingrich. If I were him, I’d make it my official ad.


    • You got it too! It totally humanizes him and takes away the ‘ick’ factor. Oddly, I haven’t seen the ad you mention – I think youtube moves them around, sometimes you see them soetimes you don’t. I’ve noticed that before. But now I have to go find econfreedom or whatever and take a look!


  6. I love Bad Lip Reading’s parodies. The Gingrich one was pretty good, although I still think the Herman Cain parody was the funniest. And who doesn’t want to get up and dance when they listen to “Everybody Poops”?


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