No contraception! “Every sperm is sacred”

I think the recent Catholic objection to paying for contraception was not without merit on First Amendment grounds. But that’s the constitutional part. I am otherwise delighted to join in the mockery, so richly deserved.

This Monty Python classic has been getting a bit of play around the interwebs today. (Should I email it to the local archbishop I wonder? It might be okay cuz it’s not about lady parts.)

19 responses to “No contraception! “Every sperm is sacred”

  1. Every time a member of the Catholic hierarchy or Religious Right decries birth control, I imagine the overwheling suffering that would result if people DIDN’T have access to it. Are overpopulation, poverty, hunger, higher maternal mortality, and curtailed life options for women worth their dogma?


    • The Catholic church acts against birth control in countries where they can which – given your point – is profoundly immoral. A bunch of old white men, dining on filet, drinking a fine Merlot, with servants in attenednace, daring to support rules that leave small children starving. Nice.


  2. The whole issue is BS….
    The requirment to offer contraception services (NOT ABORTION) has been on the books for OVER a decade…..
    Furthermore the polling is that 90%+ of Catholic women have had or are currently using contraception….
    The President did a adjustment so that the CHURCH (Men who don’t have the issue as a problem) the Insurance companies will be responsible to pick up the tab….Not the church…

    Last time I looked if you worked for a religious based company …
    You didn’t give up your rights to everything EVERYBODY else has….


    • Not to mention james, that those ‘institutions’ – hopsitals, colleges etc – receive vast sums of Federal money. You takes the money, you plays by the rules.


  3. The issue is why does the govt get to inject itself deeper and deeper into every aspect of our lives. This time they just happened onto another dogs law and it pushed back barking for once.


    • Hi Rat. Long time . . . I don’t think religion in this country has ever been shy about pushing back, or barking for that matter. In this country at least, Christians have an enormous voice and tremendous sway over policy and politics.

      I’m starting to beleive that the Obama administration picked this fight on purpose hoping conservatives would bite – the goal being of course to get them talking beyond the 1st amendment stuff and onto birth control. And damn, they seem to be doing it. And when a political party starts sounding like they’re opposed to birth control, they’ve committed suicide. Very slick if that was the plan.


  4. What a jolly tune!!

    And “all that claptrap” – they’re not holding back are they 🙂


  5. Question is: is masterbated ejaculation also banned…all that wasted sperm.


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    I love Moe’s posts… I get my biggest laughs out of them.


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