Part 4: Where are the women?

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

17 responses to “Part 4: Where are the women?

  1. Besides being home having endless children, they’re relegated to a separate section of the wall…and they don’t like it!


  2. All about putting down those ‘uppity’ women and, as you said, that ‘barefoot and pregnant’ thing. It’s quite universal.


  3. Moe this set of posts is the BEST I’ve seen YET!

    You ROCK!


  4. Of course there are no women! How dare those females disrupt the Good Ol’ Male Worshippers club and their male deity?

    Yes, I’m being sarcastic. I always thought gender segregation in worship was sexist, no matter what the religion. It basically implies that women are too tempting/impure/lowly to be in the same room as godly men.


  5. What a powerful series of posts.


  6. Hi Moe

    I just watched a movie today that I think you would find very interesting. It is called, Incendies, very powerful for sure. 🙂


  7. Im in Canada, I rented it for free off of rogers cable. I HIGHLY recommend it.


  8. I just realized it was actually right from TMN. Canada. Im sure the states has the equivalent.


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