Part 3: Where are the women?

5 responses to “Part 3: Where are the women?

  1. Don’t you know? Females are icky and have cooties, so therefore they must worship behind the men. Or something.


  2. Women don’t necessarily have to be behind. They can be at a level above them or below them depending on the structure of the place.

    Question is why Men and Women have to be together?


    • What about this? This is the place where every Muslim earns to be
      If someone takes a rational study of the Islamic Standpoint over gender, one will find that it is most moderate and respectful of the both genders. Given one keeps the preconceived perception from Media etc aside and read books and talk to people who know what they are talking about.

      May be anyone is interested they could talk to Sister Yasmin and hopefully she will have some time respond:

      Or one could always contact local Islamic Center or MSA (Muslim Student Association) and talk to the Ladies there.


      • I’m glad you’re here Umer and your question “Why do men and owman have to be together?” is relevant. Let me ask you back, why did Islam separate them in the first place?: Were they not mixed before Mohammed? By the way, the point of these posts is not so much about separation per se . . . my problem is that these – Christians, Jews and Muslims allow their males to make and enforce the rules they apply to women.


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