The bishops and the 70 million Catholics here – not on the same page, yet again.

From the Public Religion Research Institute, a poll shows majority support – even among Catholics – for the contraception inclusion in Obamacare. I’ve heard many liberals today, especially Catholic liberals, express discomfort about the requirement for religious organizations to offer their employees health care that includes the no co-pay provision for contraception that everyone else gets.

But they appear to not be among the majority of Catholics who strongly support the contraception inclusion. (Of course the vile Bill Donahue of “The Catholic League” is getting so red in the face one must worry about the man’s health, probably nothing, though, that a few guest rants on FOX News can’t cure.)

White evangelicals are the only group opposing with a majority.

8 responses to “The bishops and the 70 million Catholics here – not on the same page, yet again.

  1. Ms. Holland ,
    I have to hand it to your guy Obama . He really played the Catholics for saps . They supported him in Obama-Care and he promised he would not screw them, and then he did . The man is a smart politician, if nothing else . It must be funny as hell to your side .

    Oh,. and this poll you tout so proudly, I know the group claims to be non-partisan, that conducted it, but as I research them I really doubt it . I have checked out some of their board of directors . I am not at all surprised at their results . Non partisan, wink, wink .


    • Your cynicism is breathtaking Alan. As for PRRI, don’t know what your ‘research’ turned up but they’re treated as a trusted source by Christianity Today, the largest Christian Evangelical Magazine. The one Billy Graham founded in 1956.

      I’m not aware I ‘touted proudly’, I thought I jst cited them. To each his own.


  2. I would bet that a huge majority of catholics under 40 use birth control and for those over 40 if they don’t it partially because they don’t need it.


    • Catholic women use, and have used, birth control almost universally for 40 years. You can tell the few who don’t – they have very big families. (Santorum has seven and they lost one so that’s eight. I’m guessing no birth control there.)


  3. OK, Ok The real question is why did this have to happen NOW and not after the election……because someone was very stupid and now the President has to do a song and dance backstep


    • I agree Jay. This was politically insane. It did’nt have to play out the way it did. They’ve already walked it back – literally stepped up and said whoops, we fixed it. But it didnt have to happen at all. Very stupid indeed.


  4. I suppose that’s why Senator Rick had to take advantage of chances to peddle influence to support his growing family.


    • bruce, I think he’s starting to beleive his own press, but I”ve no doubt that in the beginning he entered the race – as do far too many these days (Cain, Gingrich) – to boost future earnings.


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