Komen backs down

The Komen Foundation just ‘clarified’ it position and will restore its relationship with Planned Parenthood. I think that, more than anything else, it was women all over the Country saying they would no longer participate in Komen’s signature event, The Race for the Cure.

That didn’t take long.

10 responses to “Komen backs down

  1. Don’t forget, the National Football League is one of their big boosters. With the Super Bowl this Sunday, I don’t the Komen foundation wanted to deal with the backlash.

    Its great that the women and some men too protested the bullshit they were saying.


  2. I am very happy to hear this. Yeah, they were losing support left and right, and they pretty much did this to themselves.


  3. How encouraging it is that people are standing up and saying “nope, that’s not what we want” and it’s being effective. ‘Bout time!


  4. Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! How refreshing to witness justifiable outrage and it’s consequence.


  5. I think that having shot themselves in the foot, they’re going to find that race doesn’t draw the numbers it has in the past even after the reversal.


    • I think you’re right marylee. Irony would be if a new race network formed under PP!!!


    • I think they shot themselves in the foot too. This whole fiasco was a PR disaster for Komen, leading people to question Komen’s priorities and loyalties. Still, I’m pleased that people showed so much support for the good work that Planned Parenthood does.


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