Still lite blogging and unbloggy anyway. But there is this . . .

. . . from Las Vegas’ 8 News NOW: “Trump to make ‘major announcement’ on presidential race” He still thinks we care. I think that’s kind of cute.

In other newz, my new shiny silver laptop arrived today as did my all legal-like, brand spanking new Office 10 Professional Suite. Tomorrow is a big day as my digital life finally will come off life support and be born anew.

And once it does . .  I will immediately and completely re-organize every single thing in my life to absolute perfection, put everything I own in the right place, rearrange the contents of the bookshelves as they always should have been,  begin blogging on a strict schedule (probably after my 45 rigorous minutes on the elliptical – and the protein shake), never again handle a piece of paper more than once, and feel secure in the certainty that I will never ever misplace anything again. Ever.

Ah, the power of the new ‘puter.


7 responses to “Still lite blogging and unbloggy anyway. But there is this . . .

  1. Like you say. . . whatever works! 🙂


  2. I especially like the part about the eliptical and protein shakes. I do see ecstatic happiness in your future with the shiney new toy. Have yourself a ball today.


  3. Enjoy the new machine and protein shake … now get back to the next post about The Donald.


  4. Oh, I can just imagine your excitement! I too am always going to start anew, fresh, and SOOOOO organized. When we move, I’ve assured my husband that everything will be neat and orderly. Wonder how long that will last? haha…


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