Looks like my Congresscritter has had a little ‘work’ done

Vern used to look like this.



Then the chin went away and he looked like this.


Now his eyebrows seem to have been repositioned. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

24 responses to “Looks like my Congresscritter has had a little ‘work’ done

  1. Ms. Holland ,

    Why do you attack the Congressman on his looks ? I thought you were about the issues .


    • Observation is an attack? Is any mention of a political figure de facto political? If I like Hillary’s hair this week but not last, is that attacking her because she’s a woman?

      Anyway, I’m an equal opportunity mocker Alan. Another plastic surgery failure? Cynthia Tucker (ironic name) regular tv pundit. Bad bad job. Very liberal lady.

      And Vern? FAIL all around. Policies too.


  2. I think he looked better in the first place.


  3. Well … my “critter” … (now that’s a hoot) … is the prime example for someone who needs an extreme makeover or get the makeover on What Not To Wear. Drumroll please …. who is my representative?


  4. The new eyebrows make him look evil – oh wait, HE IS EVIL!


  5. Ms. Holland ,

    Must I spell it out ? Three words, context, context, context. If you had left the video out your reply would have merit .


  6. Don’t know that this look was the best choice for a politician. He looked friendlier before the makeover.


  7. Was this covered by his medical plan? Hate to think I paid for his fix-up.


  8. euro – it’s like he’s three different people, isn’t it.
    woodstock – he looks so awful that if it helps our guy to beat him this year, I don’t mind if we paid for it!


  9. Truly a case of putting lipstick on a pig!


  10. Ms. Holland ,

    I will be waiting for your next comment on a Democritter who has had work done . There must be one out there or are they all naturally youthful looking?


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