For non-bloggers: A look behind the curtain

Lessons in spam: How [not] to Sound Like A Person:

I had been questioning occasion you ever considered altering customized for specific cultures of the website? Its really correctly created; I adore what youve obtained to say. But possibly it is possible to small a lot more when it comes to content so males could interact with it greater. Youve obtained a terrible total lots of text for only finding a single or two images. Maybe you’ll manage to area it out greater?

We all get robo-spam, those announcements of the latest ‘enhancement’ drugs or miracle weight loss systems. For every one that gets through, 100 others are probably kept out of your inbox by a blocker.

Same with blogs – Aksimet on WordPress does a fine job for
Whatever Works. (It’s blocked almost 14,000 spam comments from making it through, but does hold them for review, just in case.)

Robo spammers (see above) have been working at creating auto generated and specific ‘comments’ based on the content of a post. Sometimes they’re even successful, but not often. Sheer awfulness still reigns supreme. It’s a Beta world so far.

But that could change. I notice lately that the language is a bit sharper, the comment itself more relevant, almost believable.

The goal for now is commercial, to encourage a blogger to click through. Which means of course that the goal is to deceive.

I do wonder about future implications for us all when deception is run by software, is automated, targeted and widespread.

12 responses to “For non-bloggers: A look behind the curtain

  1. Perhaps this was a bad translation of a foreign spam message into English?


  2. Having read it a couple of times, I think its saying you should make your blog more tailored to males looking images. Perhaps suggesting you pose in bikini or something.


  3. I honetly think that it is looking blog where the author has a female name, and suggesting the authors post pictures of them selves to add page views. They likely intend to harvest photos (perhaps with an identified high fraction of skin tone) for I’m afraid to guess what purpose.


    • Sounds perfectly logical. That may be what they’re trying to say. But that doesn’t preclude a machine making the comment.

      You’re very interested in the picture part today bruce! If I still had the comment, I’d send you the link and then you could let us know.



  4. I think its definitely saying more photos and less text. Perhaps they want to offer photos to post.


  5. The point being you think and write too much Moe!


  6. It is rare to find informed individuals within this topic, you sound like you know exactly what you are talking about! Thank you alle tassen tassen als werbemittel


  7. I have TWO plugin’s to tamp down the sapn thrown at the PDog….
    For a while the numbers where in the thousands every 12 hours!….
    It’s bad enough to ads spam…
    But people going at your POV????


    • The Akismet in WordPress for the most part does a terrific job of blocking. I think you rememeber the time I got hit with hundreds and hundreds at a time – I complained about it in a post. But it ended after a few days and hasn’t happened since. The ones that Aksimet holds for approval (or not) by me are not that many.


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