I’m m-e-e-l-l-t-i-i-n-n-g . . .

Imagine the pudgy face of the serial-adulterer and debater-in- chief in place of Margaret Hamilton’s iconic visage here.

Polls not looking good for Mr. “I will be the candidate”.

. . . after several days in which Romney has hammered Gingrich over his consulting work for mortgage giant Freddie Mac, the former Massachusetts governor leads the former House speaker, 40 percent to 32 percent.

14 responses to “I’m m-e-e-l-l-t-i-i-n-n-g . . .

  1. It’s my first visit and I love your website!


  2. Mitt Romney will win Florida by 9-12% … and I’m bracing for the avalanche of the ads to come for the Ohio Primary. Hope all is well with you Moe!


  3. I know it is not good to talk about someone’s looks, but I watched pudgy, ghostly white Newt walking into the auditorium at the Florida debate and couldn’t help wondering. . .

    Do you think he SMELLS yeasty?


    • Eeyyeeeewwwwww! Yuk!!! Ouch!!

      Now that I’ve gotten past that . . I’ll be he does smell yeasty. But I wouldn’t ever want to get close enough to find out.


  4. But don’t we think Obama would be better running against the Newtster?


    • Yep, I think this is why the GOP is trying to herd everyone back towards the Mittster.


      • This is one of those times I regret Florida has a closed primary. I would love to be able to vote for Newt and keep this thing alive for a while longer.


        • Me too Ed . . . I’m a huge fan of open primaries. The system as it is configured now forces candidates to play to a very small segment even of their own parties. And that usually means the most partisan. Voters don’t turn out in big numbers in primaries, although FL could be the exception this year. And then the two who emerge as nominees are very unrepresentative of the larger electorate.


  5. Loved that scorch over Newts investments in Freddie Mac! His expression was priceless.


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