Blind man talking

From my paper this morning, this Letter to the Editor:

I stopped subscribing to the paper over a year ago except to purchase a Sunday paper for sports/movies, as the paper has moved way too far to the left to be credible anymore.

As the country is center right, your paper has continued to move further left. Hopefully a change in direction will be made to restore the paper’s credibility and for more balanced news.

The writer so disapproves of the  20 or so  inches of daily editorial opinion (which he doesn’t have to read) that he chooses to shut out the news and close himself off from the area’s primary source of local information.

Face, meet the Nose – before it’s gone.

Also this, from my paper’s web edition this morning – on the editorial page:








But there does remain the matter of those ‘liberal’ editorials. So I guess it’s all or nothing, as Rush says. Anyway,  it’s a small price to pay when you are striking blows for liberty. Or something.

5 responses to “Blind man talking

  1. Regardless of content, if it’s not called Fox News, many people just won’t trust it.


  2. As Diane McFarlin (Publisher of HT) said in her Sunday column “It reminds me of a presentation I used to give titled, “News Judgment is a Matter of Perspective,” which explored how the slant we perceive in news coverage has as much to do with our own personal views as it does the stories themselves.”

    It struck a chord as I frequently think they are not progressive enough in some of their opinions. And like you, I enjoy reading all the letters to the editor as they can be both insightful and amusing (and occasionally scary).


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