Brian Williams – another empty suit

How's my hair look?

Why do I continue to watch these debates!

Perhaps because I am as  big a fool as Brian Williams, he who is ‘moderating’ tonight’s ‘debate’. So far, it’s the worst yet. A full 33 minutes in and Williams has yet to ask a single question of substance.

Candidates need not have any policy positions to be in Brian’s debate. They just have to be willing to be like the pundits and talk about the horse race – and about what the other candidates have said about them.

He’s also trying to tease Romney and Gingrich into a fist fight

Finally, the candidates themselves have begun answering his stupid questions with policy answers. He hasn’t yet noticed. Hard to see stuff like that when you’re transfixed by the face you see in the mirror.

7 responses to “Brian Williams – another empty suit

  1. Maybe you should blame the empty stage instead… ?


  2. He WAS soft….

    STILL Newt went after him this morning…..


  3. I met the guy back in the day….
    Tall and full of himself…..


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