I’m “going black” Wednesday

This site, along with hundreds of thousands of sites around the world (millions of sites?), will ‘go black’ at 8:00 a.m. today – and stay down for 12 hours – to protest the proposed U.S. legislation (SOPA/PIPA), which poses a real threat to a free internet and to freedom of speech on the internet. It’s being supported by and lobbied for by some of the world’s largest multinationals, who will benefit financially.

The SOPA legislation purports to provide protection for intellectual property, but is in fact toxic and dangerous. Watch the video here. You can sign the petition here.

See you back here after 8:00 pm tonight.

8 responses to “I’m “going black” Wednesday

  1. I sure as hell contacted Sherrod Brown and humbly asked him to vote NO when PIPA rolls through the Senate.

    I didn’t bother with Portman, although I probably should have.

    I hope everyone get’s a hold of their representative and reminds them of just who they are speaking for.

    Obama will NOT veto SOTA/PIPA. This is an election year, he doesn’t want to make enemies in the entertainment industry, he is a fence straddler, he has only invoked his right to veto two or three times before; it ain’t happening.

    Although I would have thought a short phone call to Reid would have solved our problem – but I guess not.

    If this Bill passes the Senate, that’s it.


  2. I think that every constituent should contact their Senator if he/she shows support for this bill and let ’em have it.

    I wish more people would do something. This is outrageous, and the implications of this bill … scary.


  3. I am ashamed that so many democrats are sponsoring this Bill. I cannot believe how they have no regard for the voices of those that put them there.

    I have not been in Ohio but for a single year, but I am so ashamed of our democratic senator.


  4. I think I did my civic duty today. My representative (Steve Pearce, R-NM) and my Senator (Jeff Bingaman D-NM) are in the bag for the SOPA goons. But I let them know.


  5. I did the ‘contact sens and reps’ thing too. A lot of the support for the bill is falling away this morning. Rubio, Cornyn and Hatch have withdrawn their support. Obama issued a stronger anti-statement. Damn the Dems who got behind this . . .

    I watched a little bit of congressional testimony on it and it’s painful to see how these ‘lawmakers’ have very little understanding of how the internet works or the implications of the stuff they pushed into this bill.


    • Absolutely.

      Brown is cosponsor, yet I told him just what I thought of him, and asked him to reconsider.

      People don’t have any idea of the precedent that this bill would set, the wiggle room it would grant the authoritarians, and the impact it could have on our internet.


      • The most profound thing about the internet – which they entirely fail to grasp – is that it is our future. It will shape our culture, our social norms and probably commerce and education . . . it is everything. And they think it’s like a xerox machine.


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