Remember: he impreached Clinton

“Newt Gingrich signed a ‘no adultery’ pledge. Out of habit he signed it John Smith.” – Jay Leno

The ones he married

I know it’s silly to waste space on this – Gingrich is finished in this primary – but  his sanctimonious moralizing really annoys me.

13 responses to “Remember: he impreached Clinton

  1. He’s starting to piss me off too. He’s using the left’s class warfare tactics against Romney while maintaining a credit line at Tiffany’s. Not only is he a hypocrite, but also he’s not exactly helping the Republican Party.


  2. Remember: he impreached Clinton

    Do you recognize the difference between a President getting a hummer in the Oval office and a man going through a divorce?

    I work at an office building. I’m caught having sex in the conference room – I’m fired. You don’t think the President should be fired for having sex in HIS office?


    • Extra-marital sex was the issue,not divorce – something the Newtster has done twice and Clinton never.

      Ever heard Clinton judge others for sexual failings?


  3. I can almost feel sorry for these women, but for these facts:

    1) Two of them were knowingly “the other woman” when they began their affairs.
    2) The first wife must have known that he was a very mean person.

    I think the best analysis I’ve ever read on Gingrich was in the John Dean book “Conservatives without Conscience.” As one with some insider knowledge of top-shelf Republicans (he was Nixon’s legal counsel), Dean used anecdotes to portray Gingrich as a truly vile human being.


  4. I’m caught having sex in the conference room – I’m fired.

    Not if you were the CEO.


    • Not if you were the CEO.


      So if you are President Clinton you can just do whatever you want with whatever woman you want where ever you wanna do it.


  5. I remember the Clintoin incident with DISBELIEF……

    Newt mouthng off only to be caught with OWN his OWN HOUSE NOT in order….

    A very smart man who’s mouth ALWAYS gets his butt in trouble…..


  6. with his OWN House NOT in order….

    (that’s better)


  7. As much as I disliked the impeachment debacle, I still wish we could go back to the days when that was our biggest problem.


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