Halloweengate: here we go again

There’s really nothing that doesn’t outrage certain elements of the right wing noise machine. Here’s a screen grab from memorandum today. If you’re not familiar with this particular website, it provides a running aggregation of political news. Note the media sites that listed (“Discussion”) who’ve seized on this newest manufactured scandal:

Apparently the presence of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is the reason for angst. Politico provides context:

“This was an event for local school children from the Washington DC area and for hundreds of military families. If we wanted this event to be a secret, we probably wouldn’t have invited the press corps to cover it, release photos of it to Flickr, or post a video from it on the White House website,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in a statement. “Even Johnny Depp’s fans knew about it and posted on their website. . . .

The official White House social media releases and the reporter pool dispatches from the party do not mention either Burton or Depp, but the Depp fan site JohnnyDeppNews.com reported that the actor was in attendance with Burton. And the Nashville Tennessean also reported that both Depp and Burton were at the White House for the party. Then-White House press secretary Robert Gibbs addressed the event in his briefing, but did not go into any detail.

Expect FOX News to devote several segments to this tonight.

24 responses to “Halloweengate: here we go again

  1. I did a bit of searching and I can’t find any mention of Depp or Burton in any of the 2009 reports, such as they were, of the event. Nor can I find photos of either man at the event.

    Does this mean that there was a “cover up?” Probably, given the nature of Obama’s handlers. Is such a ‘cover-up” a bad thing? I certainly don’t think so.

    Shocked yet?

    OK, let’s say that Obama’s handlers didn’t want to publicize that Depp and Burton were going to be significantly involved because it would seem too lavish for the troubled times. Balancing that against holding a cool party for some kids that use some coolness in their lives seems more than OK to me and a sign of a certain sensitivity, even if it was motivated by enlightened self-interest.

    In other words, have the cool party but don’t flaunt the “star power” because it’s not for you; it for the kids.


    • Cool pics. it’s sort of a shame that there didn’t seem to be any of these pics in the 2009 coverage of it that I could find – not that there was much coverage of it all, a Halloween party not being major news.


      • I figure there have to be 2-300 parties, receptions and other events at the White House every year. The only kid event that always gets covered is the Easter Egg roll on the lawn. For some reason, that’s always big news – cuz toddlers are cuter? Betcha.


  2. “In other words, have the cool party but don’t flaunt the “star power” because it’s not for you; it for the kids.”

    Exactly – seems that is just what they did. Pix here if you want:


  3. I’ll add one other point to this. Few of these parties – the fun ones, not the State Functions – are paid for by the taxpayers. Most of them are paid for by the POTUS’ party’s National Committee.

    Example: The White House threw 24 or so holiday parties last December and the DNC paid for all but one of them, the one for Congress.


  4. Just what the world needs, another douchebag Democrat. Why don’t you make your blog about how great the country is now after three years of Obama? Let’s not forget Pelosi gaining the House in 2007 and Reid the Senate in the same year. Obama has truly united this country, just like he said. He said a lot of things. Now that he wants top be reelected, he’s making more promises, and re-promising some previous promises. Yay! Thank God for Democrats! Somebody has to be the douchebag, and we thank you for stepping up to the plate. Oh, and please continue to turn a blind eye to the complete hypocrisy of your party.


    • I always say welcome to a new reader and I do to you as well. Feel free to make your points, but let us not pretend that we have two parties in this country, each of which has the support of approximately half the electorate. Make it about 180 million adults, that’s about 90 million Americans you think are douchebags.

      You may want to reexamine that assumption.


  5. They may also have been restrained in their publicity because any connection to Hollywood would be perceived as negative (since Hollywood celebrities are part of the “liberal elite” and all that horsesh*t). Fox would have had a field day with this whether it was publicized or not…they hate everything he does anyway, even when it’s a charity action for kids!


    • You have something resembling a point. Depp hates America and moved to France years ago, saying that he wouldn’t raise his kids in the US. That, if publicized, could have caused Obama some issues and not without a certain validity.

      Not that I personally have a problem with Depp; America, love it or leave – Depp didn’t and he left. I can and do respect that. For the POTUS to associate with such a person, however, is somewhat problematical…


      • As someone who moved from country to country as a child, I have no problem with Depp’s attitude either. What our native country had didn’t work for us and so we came to America. I can easily see that working the other way around as well.

        Also, I like it when the things I say resemble a point 😉


    • I”ve no doubt brat, that it was the Depp connection indeed that aroused the outrage.


  6. As an avowed right-wing, beer drinking, gun toting, zombie hunting political news junkie, with a burning desire to watch Obama go back to Chicago as soon as possible and NEVER return to national politics (Moe can attest to all above that I am not a Democrat in any universe or a plant) I hereby declare in this run on sentence that this its a non-story that’s being spun up just for really lame political points. I think it’s inane and shows how cowardly the media is to run with drivel such as the Halloween Party vs the President’s illegal non-recess-recess appointment that has broken the separation of powers dictated in the constitution. I DO NOT CARE who/what Obama or president did for Halloween in the White House. I would have loved to be at that party. Heck if I was President I’d probably have keggers in the basement with strippers! Why? Just because I could and it would be FUN.

    @Abortdemocrats. Moe is a very nice person whom you can have an intelligent discussion with. No need to be rude.


    • Forgot to Log in. Above comment was mine.


    • One important question would be who ran with story or had it run in the first place. I’m still trying to trace the start of “Halloweengate.”

      It’s not inconceivable that the Obamas, and/or their handlers, created this (non)controversy because it was a fairly safe way to discredit the book and author. Of course, it’s also not inconceivable that the author, her publisher, or the NYT created this (non)controversy because it’s free advertising.


      • I think it was the NY Post that first picked up the ‘story’ from the book. A fine Murdoch publication by the way that has lost money every year since he bought it a few decades ago. Never made a dime. Capitalism? Nope. Ideology.

        But eh, he’s free to do it (had to say that since I’m talking to jonolan).


    • Tree Rat – thank you for the chivarous(sp?) words.


  7. This is reminiscent of birth certificate-gate. Obama stretched that one out . It muddies the waters and obscures the view of Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Obama-Care, Stimulus, plug the damn hole, 4 million green jobs, 8.5 % unemployment, and $ 15 Trillion in debt .

    And for those of you who think government spending is no big deal,


    $ Cha-ching


    • Sure gov’t spending is a big deal – only thing that’;s open to dispute is whether it’s THE biggest deal.

      Ah yes, birth certificate ‘gate’ – blame Obama.


      • It’s not really unfair to blame Obama for the birth certificate thing. He’s the one who drug it out and keeps dragging it out.

        McCain got hit by it too – first actually – and he just provided the Senate will all the documents. The issue was instantly defused. Obama, wouldn’t do that.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    ” Ah yes, birth certificate ‘gate’ – blame Obama. ”

    At any time he could have released the proof, but he got some benefit out of playing games . I was never a Trump fan, but I love how he finally forced Obama’s hand .
    And don’t you worry yourself about those little numbers ticking away. If Obama is defeated it will be 20 years before we are Greece. 5 if he wins . Either way your generation is in the clear .My kids will be paying and paying and paying. They won’t mind .


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