Move over Glenn Beck – make room for the ABC team.

These aren't the clowns tonight

Is there no end to the stupidity of these debate questioners? Diane Sawyer? Really? George Stephanopoulos? Really?

Stephanopoulos just grilled Romney demanding that he issue an opinion –  a legal opinion I assume since he makes a point of the fact that Romney went to law school a gazillion years ago – on whether states can constitutionally ban contraception. Romney points out that no state wants to ban contraception and no state has ever wanted to ban contraception. But George will not be stayed. He seems to think it’s important and by elvis, he wants his answer.

He is a fool.

Ahhh – the audience comes to the rescue. They are booing Stephanopoulos. Smart audience.

18 responses to “Move over Glenn Beck – make room for the ABC team.

  1. Catch the one this morning? Thoughts?


  2. I caught bits and pieces of last night’s debate, and it seemed that right-wing social issues were prominent. Of course, what do you expect from this bunch?

    Gingrich was VERY scathing toward Romney in this morning’s debate. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


  3. Hi Moe!

    I enjoy hard-hitting and challenging questions from either side, and for the most part figure that any candidate should have a thick enough skin to withstand anything, but Stephapopadopahippopotamus was just baiting and trying to score cheap “gotcha” points. Despite what anyone thinks of them, I (ironically) think FOX has presented the most challenging and intelligent panel to the candidates thus far. You may not agree with me there but I’m glad you can call a spade a spade and call out Dems when they’re being idiots, too. 🙂


  4. Moe I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Add to the post the assinine comments from Chris Matthews this morning who super hyped the Newt v Mitt back and forth and had to have Chuck Todd cool him off….

    You’d think the Talking Heads where the stars NOT candidates doing debates…


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  6. Good evening guys – been all pre-internet today. Weather is gorgeous and it called.

    I did see this morning’s ‘debate’, as well as last night’s, and Gregory – to my astonishment – did a credible job. He is usually quite enamoured of the gotcha questions as was his overly hypped predecessor, the late Tim Russert.

    (Vern may be surprised that I agree with him – the FOX debate was far superior to this ABC atrocity. And superior to CNN as well (any reader knows I loathe CNN on principle, the principle being until they get rid of that fingernail on the blackboard, Wolf Blitzer, I find their network completely unwatchable.)

    By the way, let me add to my post and say that in this morning’s outing, Gingrich was his most pompous self, full of certainty that his intellect is superior, full of scorn for just about every other sensient creature who lacks a gift such as his, and of course, full of fearlessness (only Newt, you see, can be full of something he does not have any of). Asked to call someoneorother a liar, well damn he just stood right up there and did it to someoneorother’s face! The little people fight wars. The Newtster crosses “t”s and dammit, he dots “i”s too!!! And he does it to your face – when asked.

    But I have been sufficiently attentive to this nasty little man and no longer find him amusing; he can now go somewhere else please. He should consider a fat farm.


  7. You know, somewhere during the last few months I’ve fallen in line with your CNN views, and to some degree Blitzer.

    The way in which they choose to present every conceivable statement as something equally “neutral” is just flat unserious. It is un-journalistic and weird, and at some point becomes unwatchable.


    • Not to meniton how every single story is ‘an exlusive’ or ‘wait till you hear this’. Also they are frequently fact challenged, not in a partisan way but in a lazy bad reporting way. Ted Turner must weep.


  8. Well…to be fair, that question started out with Santorum, who at one time in his career gave a speech stating that he would like to allow states to ban birth control. So it didn’t come out of the blue.
    I can’t be completely mad at Stephanopolous, since I was freaking out about the Santorum birth control issue a couple days ago.


    • True, but I still think George S overdid it. He should have moved on or grilled Santorum on it instead of Romney.

      By the way, I”ve always thought the pro-life movement was at its core about knocking down all us uppity women. They don’t like contraception because it empowers wimmin. They also really think enjoying sex should be a male priviledge. We girls are there to serve dontachknow.


      • I agree with that one, Moe. If I seem to be overreacting to the birth control thing, it may be because I come from a very anti-contraceptive Catholic country…I know how these things can escalate. It’s all about sex being a scary sin, which can result in disastrous consequences any time you risk it 😉


  9. I thought the Sunday morning debate was soooo much better. David Gregory did an outstanding job.

    Wouldn’t you love to see a debate that Jon Stewart moderated? 🙂


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