The GOP: where irony goes to die

Who are the two ‘gentlemen’ who enjoy publicly criticizing – nay mocking –  this woman’s body?




These two gentlemen. That’s who. Hunks.



31 responses to “The GOP: where irony goes to die

  1. That’s just disrespectful of our president and first lady. People have no class.

    Brings to mind the guy who yelled out, “you lie”, to Obama. I don’t even remember the idiot’s name.

    The racism in this country has reared it’s ugly head full force these last 4 years since Obama popped onto the scene.

    Here is an interesting little tid-bit of info…

    When Obama won the election a little over 3 years ago, the white supremacist website Stormfront got over 2,000 new members the very next day, and went temporarily off-line due to the overwhelming amount of activity (source, wikipedia).

    These weren’t regular members. These were new members. Probably seemingly regular americans, shocked and disgusted. Responding with racial hatred.

    Are we to believe that the fat old white male republicans were unaffected? Are we to believe it didn’t rumple their feathers to see this black man walk into their white house, amidst the cheers of all the young white boys and girls? Are we to believe that they didn’t feel betrayed? They hate Obama and the first lady because they’re black, and as politically incorrect as they have made it to say so, it’s true.

    Maybe I’m wrong to go off on another one of my tangents, but I am painfully honest. One of my flaws.


    • To Unrepublican,

      How refreshing it is to see that someone else feels the way I do and is not afraid to call it like it is: the hatred of Obama is due to one thing – he has the audacity to be a black man living in the nation’s lily-White House.

      Our fore fathers brought these people over as slaves and now we have one leading the country – the horror!

      It may not be politically correct to say, but racism is alive and thriving in America. Now that is the horror!


    • Sam, although I didn’t say it in the post, I will here – racism was at the very core of the Michelle Obama comments. They say she has a ‘big butt’. They mean she has a ‘big black butt’. Neaderthals, both of them.


  2. There’s inspiration. We all need to become bald fat white guys who talk too much and too loud. Maybe also learn to bounce when we speak.


  3. Oh the sensitivity of the left when it comes to the freak show at the White House! She does have a big ass, so what? it’s obvious, but it’s not what defines what she is. What comes out of her mouth defines her … no need to expound on that.


    • Why do we need to expound on her words? She’s not an elected official.

      Anyway Steve – I think you miss the point of the post. It’s almost unbeleivable to me – it is in fact high comedy – that Sensenbrenner and Limbaugh, obese and flabby men, find physical fault with a fit, healthy, beautiful woman of accomplishment. Neither of them could catch her in a 1/4 mile run. Hell, I bet she could run a marathon.


  4. I see the usual Leftist suspects still don’t have an answer and have to fall back on the old racism canard. Pathetic really, but pathetic enemies are best kind and the easiest for Americans to defeat.

    That being said, it IS ironic that Sensenbrenner and Limbaugh criticize the FLOTUS’ figure. Of course they’ve never tried to change America’s diet while consistently PUBLICLY not following their own guidelines or those for their children. So, I guess there’s plenty of irony to go around.

    Now if everyone would just get over the “sleeveless thing.” The FLOTUS makes enough glaring fashion gaffes without inventing one.


    • The racism doesn’t come from Obama or the left – let’s get real. And as for the comments from those old white fatties – I am witness to their racism. And when the FLOTUS comments come from racists, they’re tinged with racism.

      BYW, I like her fashion sense – think she reflects her generation. I have a few neices just a few years younger – both professional women – who dress very like Obama. Also she’s got the best arms ever and there’s not a woman around who wouldn’t KILL for those arms! (Arms are a big thing with us girls).

      Glad you agree on the irony, but what does ‘not folowing their guidelines” mean?.


      • No, Moe; I was talking about the old canard of racism and the accusation of such. Sadly, you seem to be fond of too so there’s likely little point in my continuing this discussion.

        As for the FLOTUS’ dress sense. In general I like it too and it suits her build. The gaffes I was referring to were specific dress choices that were inappropriate and “uncultured” such as wearing a brightly colored floral dress (very vibrant & upbeat) to ceremony where her husband is going to be awarding a MoH posthumously.

        As for guidelines – she’s been working with the FDA and the Dept. of education to change school lunches and to get people eating specific sets of healthy foods and then keeps getting “caught” taking her girls out for fatty junk food.

        It’s a case where you have to be seen to walk the walk or expect to be harassed.


        • The credibility of a person’s ‘preachings’ shouldm’t be defined by the exception to the rule. Looking a that family – fit and not an ounce of fat on any of them – anyone knows they are eating a healthful diet. The occassional fast food treat doesn’t make that untrue. As for the ‘getting caught’, that presumes ttey’re sneaking out, which I doubt. Betcha any runs to Wendy’s are politicaly motivated. You know, we’re ‘just ordinary folks’ stuff.

          And as for kids’ diets – she can’t shout loud enough for me. We’re currently raising a generation of fat kids who are going to be sick adults and not very productive and very costly to us all.

          The racisim thing jonolan? I’ll bet we’re more in agreement than not – but in ways that are difficult to articulate, so perhaps we miss understanding each other. Let us just say we both dislike it when someone ‘reads from the script’.


          • Moe,

            I don’t discount what you say about the Obamas’ physical health. that’s immaterial though. If you’re a public figure who’s going to preach a healthy diet and try to get the government to go to some length to enforce that behavior, you’ve got to make sure that you’re not seen – I fear-quoted ‘caught’ in the original comment BTW – violating your own tenets.

            It’d be sort of like Nancy Reagan getting caught snorting cocaine during “Just Say No.”

            As for the whole “War on Food’ – Obesity, such as it is, is largely a construct of the fashion and weight-loss industries and is predicated upon the BMI which is horribly flawed.


        • The canard of racism? Racism is a groundless rumor or belief in your little world? Pull your head out of your ass and come down to north Florida, Mississippi, southern Alabama, or Georgia and get a first hand view of that canard of racism.

          Go on-line to the Christian conservative, patriotic American web sites and read your canards of racism. And, how about Orange County [California] Republican party member Marilyn Davenport sending out a racist email depicting President Obama’s head on the body of an ape,? Is that the canard of racism you are blathering about?


          • 😆 Forget “canard,” you’re going for the full “flying wing.”

            Please! It’s so far beyond pathetic as to beggar the mind the way you essential rebut that, since some forms or expressions of racism still exists, that complaint about or insults to the Obamas are racist.


      • Surely you jest Moe! “racism doesn’t come from Obama or the left”??? Racism is in every thing they say and do. Racism is what keeps them alive and well. People like Obama, Rangle, Sharpton, and Jackson exploit their own race to keep the gravy train rolling for themselves. They are the most disgusting people I can think of. The left hates minorities. They do nothing to actually help them help themselves … only keep them dependent on the government for everything. Keep them dummed down, keep them feeling stupid, keep them in their place … so they can get their hand outs …. from the ones in power.
        Oh, and I thought we were referring to Mrs. Obama’s back side
        … okay, yeah she has great arms.


        • Sharpton is a con. Jackson thinks its still 1975. As for Obama and ‘the left hates minorities’, that’s just nuts Steve. How the elvis is Obama racist? Is it because he dares to be a black president?


  5. It was SC representative Joe Wilson who yelled “you lie” and I saw him interviewed just today on one of the networks. I’m afraid we’ll see even more of him with the SC primaries ahead.

    “Uncultured”? An interesting word choice. I’m trying to remember what word came to mind when Nancy Reagan consulted the astrologer and tried to influence the President with what she learned. It wasn’t “batshit crazy”–that would be uncultured on my part. But it was close.


  6. You know, the thing that really gets me is when people say that the First Lady is a hypocrite for eating ribs.

    I mean, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself. Trying to help people to eat healthier doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself once in a while. I don’t see how people make that connection. I just don’t get it.

    It seems the right are really reaching. Really, really reaching.


  7. Oh, and the wearing a bright and upbeat dress at a soldier’s posthumous ceremony…are you serious, Jonolan?

    If I was being awarded a medal after I had passed away, I would rather people be upbeat and joyful. With that said, I highly doubt she picks out her own clothes to wear, half the time, anyway. And I doubt the wardrobe department at the White House are partison, federally appointed officials.

    You are going to have to try harder than that.


    • Thing like that dress are generally considered fashion gaffes and bad manners. Like you, I wouldn’t be personally bothered by it. My point was that she – or her handlers – make enough real fashion gaffes that there’s no reason to event one about her tendency towards sleeveless tops and dresses.


      • I don’t think I’ll ever let you see the inside of my closet jonolan. 🙂


        • Thank for that 😆 But really, it not the dresses; it’s the choices of when and where to wear then that are the gaffes and gaffes that make no sense since there are well-established codes of decorum for these events that the FLOTUS and/or her dressers should be aware of.


          • I was unfamiliar with events where she committed these ‘gaffes’. Just found the posthumous medal ceremony . . . the guy who posted it called it a ‘cocktail dress’. He must be older than me, since I’m not aware that ‘cocktail dresses’ even exist anymore.

            That said, from the pix I found, yeah, she proabbly should have made another choice.

            But what are the other ‘gaffes’ that are apparently news to some people but I, the junkiest of news junkies, am unaware of?


  8. I agree that those two guys are two of the last people in America that should be criticizing anyone’s physique. I write this as a middle-aged woman who has worked damned hard to lose 67 unhealthy pounds this past year. I know first-hand what it’s like to be on both sides of the obesity scale.


    • Hey chappie, I am impressed. I worked my own big butt off doing the same thing this year, but, hands down, you win the pounds off prize. Nevertheless, I’m happy with where I landed and I’m astonished by how much difference it’s made in how I feel.


  9. I have no way to judge whether anyone is or isn’t a racist really, just because they don’t like the Obama’s.

    I do think though that based on his policies alone, it’s hard to get the depth of venom directed at Obama.

    I think race may be a part of it but there are other things (they’re lawyers, they are the sterotype of volvo driving liberals in many ways) that make him and Mrs.O so provocative to folks on the right.


  10. By the way, is the photo of Mr. Bouncy Bouncy representative of his current girth? It varies a lot from one fiscal year to the next I think.


    • Mr. BB lost a lot of weight leading up to this fourth marriage, but has been putting it back on pretty regularly since then. I think the pix is from the 2010 or 2011 CPAC convention – he was the keynote.


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