23, 23, 23

Yada yada yada. I shall go to bed. And in the morning it’ll be something like 24, 21, 22 or 25, 24, 23. Or something.

Sleep well.

11 responses to “23, 23, 23

  1. Look’s like Paul might take it…


  2. Nope…Romney by a nose.

    Wow. Barely… Paul cam in third.


  3. Eight votes…I love it!


  4. As much as I detest Santorum’s views, I must admit that he worked hard in Iowa to get those numbers. I wonder how New Hampshire will turn out.


    • I’m with you Ahab re Santorum’s social and political positions, but oddly I can’t dislike him (like I really dislike the other candidates who’ve had their ‘surges’) – am thinking about a post on that subject.


  5. Ahab….

    Mitt Romney will win BIG there..
    No doubt…
    Newt is gonna be gunnin for Romney though from now on…
    And Santorum is gonna be the flavor of the month for a party that doesn’t seem to want the guy who runs the BEST against Obama…

    Go figure?


  6. I thought 23, 23, 23 signaled the return of Herman Cain.


  7. Yo Moe ……

    Romney now leads in SC and is 1% pt behind Santorum in your Florida!


    • I’ll tell you james, I’ve been certain it’d be Romney right along, but if either Santorum or Perry drops out before all hte Southern primaries, a lot of votes could accrue to the survivor.


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