Okay, I’ll bite.


18 responses to “Okay, I’ll bite.

  1. Your prediction for the Iowa caucus, I take it? You’re probably right.


    • Yup – Iowa.

      In the national eleciton, I beleive it was always, is now, and always will be Romney. The others are staying busy fighting over the crumbs.


  2. Romney or Paul…..
    Santorum third……


  3. I think Ron Paul would make an excellent president. No, I am about the total opposite of him, from a political standpoint. But I think he is a brilliant old coot.


    • Hey Sam! Happy New Year young man. I’m not surprised you like Paul – he has a big following among people your age. I think that’s probably because of his anti war stance. That said though, I htink the most appealing hting about Paul is his candor. He doens’t speak in ‘politicaleze’. He’s straight, says what he beleives and people really appreciate that.


      • I just like him, don’t really know why – I guess you hit it. I don’t really believe in most of his politics, I am a much more for a welfare state, one that really gets it’s hands dirty taking a control of an economy and limiting private enterprise. I find it surprising that someone like me would like him, but I just love the guy. It is really strange.


        • No, Sam, it isn’t strange at all. We should be able to like people we disagree with! My brother and I disagree about everything, but I love him.There’s also the ‘underdog’ factor; Americans just love an underdog and root for them.


          • That really makes a lot of sense.

            But funnily enough, I don’t really like any other conservative…but really there aren’t that many, at least not in the true sense of the word.

            I think the closest I came was Huckabee back in 2008. As president? Oh, hell no. But as a person. Now I think he’s fake and I’m tired of his religion and patriotism – he just runs it in the ground.


  4. He’ll get the nomination … far right won’t be happy … He’ll select someone from that side as VP candidate …. all will be well in GOP land.


    • Do you think that the hatred that some of the far right levels against Romney is due to him being a Mormon? The reason I ask, is because I have heard that people aren’t particularly crazy about the prospect of having a Mormon president.

      Just wondering…Never know how illogical the GOP can get.


      • I think the Mormon thing has about the same weight for Romeny as black did for Obama. In both cases, there’s a die hard core that fears “the other” and will vote against, but I think they’re a serious minority.


    • Assume you mean Romney frank – and yes, I agree. VP candidate? Maybe Marco Rubio, Senator from FL. Florida will loom large in the Nov elections.


      • Yes … Romney … of course Bachmann thinks she’s the VP! …. and surely Romney’s team won’t follow McCain’s lead in that direction.


        • Speaking of which . . . haven’t even heard the Palinator mentioned anywhere in teh last few weeks. Can her 15 minutes truly be over?


          • Oh, gawd, I hope so. I do so truly hope.

            I thought McCain had the right idea, selecting a woman for his running mate in an attempt to win some women over to republican side. The problem was who he chose.

            I think if Romney wins the republican nomination and decides to choose a female running mate, he would do well to choose someone a little more centered. Both Palin and Bachman are so far right they make Reagan look like Stalin (joke).


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