It’s always bittersweet . . .

Happy New Year and Elvis bless us, everyone.

16 responses to “It’s always bittersweet . . .

  1. Happy New Year Moe … and the wonderful video is a great reminder of a common thread that weaves through all of humanity.


  2. Happy New Year Moe…I hope Elvis hasn’t given up on us just yet.


  3. I am slow! I didn’t realize until today that my cursor controls the direction of the snow fall.


  4. Thanks Moe. That was lovely and it represented our New Year’s celebration along with Jerry Brown’s card.


  5. Remember when we first moved into 602 our neighbors invited us to dinner. They mentioned that Jerry Brown was coming. The Times had recently done a piece on him. So we downloaded it and read it completely. Turns out our “Jerry Brown” lives two doors down and has become a great friend. He also sent us the most wonderful New Years card


  6. You know, I was say Elvis on a movie this morning, can’t remember the name of it, the one where he is a boxer, and I thought about you.

    I know you seem to really like Elvis, Moe. And to me, that is surprising.

    It is surprising for a number of reasons. Well, one big one, in particular.

    He was about as far right as you can get. I read the biography written by his bodygaurd, and to hear him tell it, Elvis was racist, very very very misogynistic, a religious fundy, a war supporter, and just an overall dirtbag…according to his bodyguard.

    Not saying it is true – I have no opinion about him one way or another, but…

    I am just surprised you look past all of that. I mean no offense, I just mean you are an open minded person, obviously!


    • Elvis hit the radio when I was 13, so for me, it’s always been about the music – always will be. That bodyguard sound like sour grapes. Elvis was an uneducated white Southerner of his era (grew up in the 50’s) but I’ve always heard he was a very kind and generous person. And profoundly self destructive and of course spent hte last ten years drugged out.

      Anyway, when I listen to his music, I never ever htink about politics. there was never anyone more misogynistic than Frank Sinatra – and he indeed WAS a nasty fellow. But oh that voice . . . .!


  7. You are a wonderful person to be so open minded and fair with people, I don’t know a whole lot about you, but I would say that is one of your best qualities.

    Frank Sinatra was great.

    And sexy.


  8. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Me and Luther are planning on getting married. Going up to Boston in the summer and going to do it. Of course, Ohio won’t recognize it, but that’s their problem.


    • Glad to hear good news all around from you. School and Luther and getting married. 2012 is going to be a banner year for you. Congrats.


      • Yes, it is turning out to be that way!

        I am happier than I have ever been. Life is has been very good to me.

        2011 was a rough year for me. Big chages, methadone withdrawal (Dumbest thing I ever did in my entire life, getting on that crap. Doctors are liars.), and the early bumps and bruises of being in a new relationship. Fortunately, things are getting better.


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