They want you to throw it away. Don’t.

I have dry skin and go through rather expensive moisturizers far too fast. (You needed to know that, didn’t you!)

Now, I hate waste – absolutely hate it and using as much of the skin stuff as I do, I’ve learned a few things:

  • When your tube or pump bottle of moisturizer stops producing, don’t toss it out! There’s a good deal left that you can’t see, but not enough to respond to the pump or the press – which I assume to be by design. More sales that way! Don’t fall for it –  get out the matte knife and cut that sucker open. Cover it with a little plastic wrap to keep it from drying out and you’ll get weeks more use.
  • Most of us know that it’s best to apply moisturizer after showering when skin is still a bit damp. It’s better absorbed that way, better for your skin – the bonus is you’ll use a lot less. And if you – like me – rub cream or lotion onto your hands a dozen times a day, the same principle applies. You’ll find you use about 1/3 the lotion you now use.
  • Product in a jar is honest. You can see what’s left and easily use every single bit. Reward those who put their cream in an honest jar. Buy it.


5 responses to “They want you to throw it away. Don’t.

  1. Where DO you get those fabulous pictures…and I love the way your mind works to come up with just the right one. Only downside to stuff in a jar…it gets stuck under my nails. I do love the cutting up the tube idea.


  2. Lord don’t get me started on packaging. I can rant for an hour. I been known to tear the salt box apart to get the last teaspoon that won’t come out of the spout. And my husband is worse if that’s possible. Lays it all at the feet of the tylenol killer which started to “unopenable” package. lol. Best of the new Year to ya Moe.


  3. We’re down to two moisturizers – vanicream and hydrolatum – both usually a special order but no need for a prescription. I meant to tell you this before. They are magic. xx.


    • Ahhh – and you are Anon re Stewart . . . got it!

      Also . . . Eucerin Calming Creme (not the others), Cetaphil, and Sarna. But the pure Vit E oil is also working.

      Hydrolatum is new to me. I’ll check it out.


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