Friday Night Oldie – for Stewart

Almost forgot – today feels more like the last day of a seven day weekend than the start of a normal one.

This one is for Stewart, one of the snugglies who was here for Christmas. He’s four years old, has red hair and big doe eyes, and this is his favorite song. We sang it Wednesday night – we sang it for quite a while, over and over. And over. 

Even though The Weavers recorded it earlier (in the 50’s), this 60’s version from The Tokens was the one playing whenever we took to the dance floor.

5 responses to “Friday Night Oldie – for Stewart

  1. Ah! I can’t wait for him to see this tomorrow. Thanks! We’ll be singing it over and over and over and over, again. It’s like the movie groundhog day 🙂


  2. Happy New Year Moe!


  3. Anonymous is me Moe, natanya


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